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Turkey’s President Erdogan Announces Elections For May 14



Turkey’s President Erdogan Announces Elections For May 14

(CTN NEWS) – ANKARA – The president of Turkey, Erdogan has announced that parliamentary and presidential elections will take place on May 14.

On Saturday, Erdogan announced his reelection plans during a youth conference in northwestern Bursa province. Sunday, a video of the event was released.

In hints last week regarding the election date, Erdogan said, “I thank God that we are destined to share our path with you, our valued youth, who will vote for the first time on May 14.”

Turkey’s Supreme Election Council will prepare for the elections after he makes the formal call on March 10.

If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a second round of voting will be held on May 28.

As Turkey’s troubled economy struggles with soaring inflation, Erdogan faces his most challenging election yet.

A six-party opposition alliance has yet to nominate a presidential candidate. The third-largest pro-Kurdish party in parliament has been excluded from the alliance and may run independently.

In 2018, Erdogan, 68, instituted a system of governance that abolished the office of prime minister and concentrated the majority of power in his hands.

Before that, the presidency was largely a ceremonial position. In the new system, both presidential and parliamentary elections are held simultaneously.

The polls will also challenge Erdogan’s control of parliament.

A far-right group whose support has dwindled in recent years is allied with his ruling party.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends a news conference in Budapest, Hungary. — Reuters/File

According to Timothy Ash, emerging market economist and veteran Turkey watcher, polls show the opposition ahead, but momentum seems to be returning to Erdogan.

In any election, Erdogan would never be written off. I think the election is too close to call.”

Erdogan has been criticized for Turkey’s economic downturn and erosion of civil rights and freedoms. The executive system was narrowly approved in a 2017 referendum and went into effect after the 2018 elections.

The elections were originally scheduled for June, but ruling party members said that month would coincide with summer and religious holidays.


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