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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Rescue Phase ‘coming to an end’: U.N Chief

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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Rescue Phase 'coming to an end': U.N Chief

(CTN NEWS) – ALEPPO, Syria – During a visit to Syria on Monday, the head of the United Nations’ assistance agency stated that the phase of the rescue operation that followed the big earthquake that devastated Syria and Turkey a week ago is “coming to an end,”.

With the priority now shifting to providing shelter, food, schooling, and psychiatric treatment.

“What is most striking here is even in Aleppo, which has suffered so much over these many years, this moment… was about the worst that these people have faced,”

Martin Griffiths said that the government-held city of Aleppo in the northwestern part of Syria was a significant front line in the Syrian civil war. Aleppo was located in the country’s northwest.

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The earthquake on February 6 affected a large portion of northwest Syria, a region divided by the ongoing war for the past 11 years.

This region includes insurgent-held territory at the border with Turkey and government strongholds controlled by President Bashar Assad.

Griffiths stated that the United Nations would have supplies moving from territories held by the government to the northwest region held by rebels. This is a front line beyond which help has rarely gone while the crisis has been ongoing.

In addition, he stated that pleas for assistance would be made in every area that the crisis had impacted.

“We’ll have support moving from here towards the northwest, but the northwest is only one part of Syria…also, it’s extremely vital that we take care of the people here,” Griffiths said. “We’ll also have assistance moving from here into the southwest.”

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The number of people killed in Syria reached a new high on Monday.

According to the United Nations, over 4,300 people have been confirmed dead in the region’s northwest, and over 7,600 people have been injured. 1,414 people have lost their lives as a result of the Syrian government.

Griffiths stated that survivors in Aleppo had provided him with harrowing descriptions of the devastation they had experienced.

Some people who had lost their children had escaped, while others had remained within the building. The anguish of the people we spoke to was evident, and he emphasized that this is a trauma from which the entire globe needs to recover.


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