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Canadian Embassy Says its Not in a Position to Vaccinate Citizens



Thailand, Canadian Embassy Says its Not in a Position to Vaccinate Citizens

As Thailand struggles to contain the covid-19 coronavirus, many Canadian’s and other foreigners are struggling to get vaccinated in Thailand. One Canadian living in Thailand asked officials at the Embassy of Canada in Bangkok with regards to Canada vaccinating its citizens for covid-19 and here is the response.

Canadian Michel Barrie pressed consular officials over getting vaccinated through the Embassy as foreigners in Thailand aren’t included in the countries present vaccination rollout.

Barrie’s request comes as many embassies have started vaccinating their own citizens in Thailand.

The Embassy of France in Thailand has organised a vaccination campaign for French nationals, providing the single-dose of Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine for free. While China donated 500,000 vaccine doses, and Thailand agreed in turn to inoculate Chinese nationals.

Barrie says he contacted the Embassy of Canada in Bangkok for the third time in the past few weeks regarding assistance toward achieving Covid-19 vaccinations for Canadian residents in Thailand.

This is the response he received form the Canadian embassy, consular section, on June 23, 2021.

“We estimate between 5,000 and 10,000 Canadians live in Thailand currently, and millions of Canadians live abroad in many different countries. The government of Canada is simply not in a position to vaccinate Canadians on that scale, in many different locations.

“In Canada, vaccines are being made available to all, regardless of nationality. Rest assured that we are in close contact with the Thai government to urge them to take the same approach here. We understand that the current situation is difficult for all.”

Barrie isn’t the only Canadian wanting to get vaccinated in Thailand, many other Canadian citizens have complained on the Website about not being able to get vaccinated in Thailand. Wishing that the Canadian government would find a way like the French embassy to assist its citizens living here.

It is sad that most other embassies including mine are just “monitoring the situation” Barrie Says. We are on our own. Tough luck eh!

Vaccine Shortages in Thailand

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Department of Disease Control (DDC) launched an official website for foreign nationals in the Bangkok and Pattaya areas to register for free vaccinations. Other provinces in Thailand have also launched vaccination campaigns targeting their local expat populations.

According to the DDC, registration on the website will open in phases. The current phase targets non-Thai nationals aged 60 and above and those with specific underlying health conditions.

However when the vaccinations will actually happen for Canadians and other foreigners in Thailand remains unclear as the Thai government presently has limited supplies of covid-19 vaccines.

As Thailand entered its second week of its mass rollout of locally produced AstraZeneca vaccines, it appears that supplies were falling short of demand from patients.

The government said it would produce 6 million doses in June, then 10 million doses each month from July to November, and 5 million doses in December. But according to a report from the Bangkok Post, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reports there is a shortage of vaccine, with no AstraZeneca vaccines deliveries expected till next month.


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