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Thailand’s Unemployment Rate Falls To 1.2% As Of November: Statistics



Thailand's Unemployment Rate Falls To 1.2% As Of November: Statistics

(CTN NEWS) – According to a recent census by the National Statistical Office, there are now 95,000 fewer unemployed people in Thailand, and 620,000 more people are working.

According to figures cited on Sunday by Traisulee Traisoranakul, the deputy government spokeswoman, 39.82 million Thais had gainful employment as of November 2016, an increase of 620,000 from October.

According to the census, 58.73 million Thai citizens are at least 15 years old, of whom 40.36 million are of working age. 460,000 of them are unemployed, whereas 39.82 million are employed.

18.37 million people, including pensioners, students, and housewives, she claimed, are unemployed.

Statistics show that of the 39.82 million Thailand’s in employment, 12.34 million work in agriculture and 27.48 million do so in non-agricultural fields like business, industry, and services.

Based on weekly work hours, the data can be further split down as follows:

  • • People who work at least 50 hours a week: 6.67 million (5.95 million in October)
  • • Weekly hours of 35 to 49: 26.90 million (26.69 million in October)
  • 6.25 million people work fewer than 35 hours a week (6.53 million in October)
Thailand Unemployment Rate


According to Traisulee, the rise in workers who put in more than 35 hours per week demonstrates increased income and job security.

She continued by stating that the unemployment rate fell from 1.4% to 1.2% and that there were 4.65 million fewer unemployed individuals in November than in October.

She cited Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha as noting that this was an obvious indication of economic recovery, particularly given that the jobless rate has fallen to 1.2%, close to the pre-pandemic level of 0.9%.


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