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Drunk Drivers to Go Directly to Jail During Songkran 2022



Drunk Drivers During Songkran to Go Directly to Jail
The Thai authorities will get tough on drunk driving during the Songkran Festival in Thailand, which takes place between Monday and Sunday next week.
If caught driving drunk, those caught by police will go directly to jail and not be given suspension if convicted.
Drunk driving is traditionally one of the major causes of road accidents during the Songkran holiday also known as the 7 dangerous days.
The Royal Thai Police announced that they recently discussed measures to discourage drunk driving with the Justice Department and corrections officials. These measures include the courts’ discretion when it comes to giving suspended jail terms to those convicted of drunk driving.
All agreed that drunk driving during the 5 days long Songkran holiday must be dealt with very decisively and that prison sentences should not be suspended.

Traffic Management During Songkran Festival in Thailand

Pol Maj-Gen Raveepan Amornmuneepong, deputy commissioner of Provincial Police Region 6 has been appointed to oversee traffic management in nine northern provinces of Thailand during the Thai New Year holiday.
Aside from traffic problems, particularly drunk driving, he noted that the police have launched a program for the Songkran Holiday. Homeowners in nine northern provinces can have their houses under police care while they are away celebrating Songkran traditions.

The Thai Red Cross Society is encouraging the public to donate blood during the Thai New Year holiday when road accidents are expected to spike.

The Director of the National Blood Centre, Associate Professor Dr. Dutjai Chaivanichsiri, said the center has been running low on blood reserves since January, and they need to reserve blood for the holidays.

Thailand’s Deadly Roads

The World Health Organization reports that Thailand’s traffic death toll was the highest in Asia and the second-highest in the world.

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Many people do not think that a few alcoholic drinks during happy times with friends can cause an accident. It only takes a small amount of alcohol for the nervous system to be affected.

Upon drinking alcohol, the brain is stimulated by neurotransmitters. As a result, consumers feel energized and happy. In spite of their perception of being able to control themselves and their bodies, their consciousness and decision-making are retarded.

As a result, drunk drivers pose a significantly higher risk of accidents and dangers to others.

Alcohol, especially when consumed in large quantities, depresses the brainstem and robs consumers of their self-control. Doing so reduces the ability to balance, see, make decisions, and control the vehicle. In turn, accidents are more likely to occur.

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