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Google Removed Thousands Of Fake News Vids Posted by Pro-China Dragonbridge Gang

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Google Removed Thousands Of Fake News Vids Posted by Pro-China Dragonbridge Gang

(CTN News) – According to the business, Google prohibited more than 50,000 pieces of material uploaded by pro-China accounts last year on several platforms like YouTube, Blogger, and AdSense.

Google’s Threat Analysis Organization said on Thursday that they had banned the group, also known as “Spamouflage Dragon” and “Dragonbridge,” which often shares material with pro-China viewpoints and a greater number of content critical of the US.

Although some of the storylines were in English and other languages, the organization claimed that Chinese speakers were their primary target audience.

The goal of the Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is to comprehend and combat major threats, especially those posed by entities conducting coordinated information operations (IO).

TAG said that throughout the existence of the IO network, they had deleted over 100,000 DRAGONBRIDGE accounts.

The bulk of Dragonbridge channels had no subscribers when Google disrupted them, and more than 80% of Dragonbridge videos had less than 100 views, despite their size and prolific content creation. In 2022, Dragonbridge gained almost no organic interaction from genuine viewers.

When Dragonbridge material did generate interaction, it was very seldom and nearly always fake, originating from other Dragonbridge accounts rather than actual individuals. Other DRAGONBRIDGE accounts made the majority of the comments.

“Additionally, according to blogger engagement data, DRAGONBRIDGE’s blogs have almost no real readers.

Over 96% of DRAGONBRIDGE blogs canceled in December had no comments, and over 95% had 10 or fewer views. “The sentence was read.

“The DRAGONBRIDGE Channels and blog posts advocating for messages in favor of China and against the US. Pro-China narratives on the channel praised China’s reaction to the epidemic, criticized pro-democracy demonstrations, and, more notably in 2022, voiced increasingly vociferous support for Taiwan’s unification. “It was an ad.

After she paid a visit to Taiwan, even they switched part of their attention to White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

With writings mostly in Mandarin, English, and other languages, DRAGONBRIDGE intensified its emphasis on and criticism of the US in 2022.

“In 2022, DRAGONBRIDGE also published accounts alleging that the US was to blame for inciting unrest overseas and intervening in the internal affairs of other nations.

Through a cycle of political and social narratives that changed following the news, DRAGONBRIDGE’s US-focused narratives painted a poor picture of US society and democracy.

Google deleted DRAGONBRIDGE material in 2022 on contentious subjects such as the US Covid-19 reaction, racial disparity, political polarisation, inflation, and other subjects “based on the assertion.

“Google shut off channels where DRAGONBRIDGE tried to disseminate stories on US political divides, the possibility for political violence, and dangers to democracy in the run-up to the 2022 US midterm elections.

Election narratives were delivered as brief news segments. Mandiant previously reported on a film that aimed to portray US voting as useless and time-wasting “It made more sense.

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