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Thailand tightens Control on Non-Medical Cannabis use



Thailand tightens Control on Non-Medical Cannabis use

(CTN News) – A new directive from the Ministry of Public Health has tightened regulations on the use of cannabis for export, research, study, and commercial uses.

The June 16th decree, widely condemned for being overly lenient and prone to misuse, is replaced by the current one, which takes effect today (Saturday).

Only the cannabis flower bud is designated as a restricted herb under the new decree, and anybody who wants to conduct research, study, export, sell, or process it for profit must get formal permission and abide by the rules.

It is against the law to sell any form of a restricted plant to students, anyone under 20, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

Thailand Ease its Prohibitions on the Import Of hemp or Cannabis seeds

A Thai court issued an injunction to halt the decriminalization of cannabis and hemp.

Sales via vending machines and smoking in public places are prohibited unless made by licenced medical professionals, practitioners of traditional medicine, or certified rural medics. Commercial advertising of any kind is not permitted.

The restricted herb may not be sold in public parks, amusement parks, temples, houses of worship, or hostels.

Although the House Scrutiny Committee significantly altered the measure, according to Dr. Chonlanan, the opposition will not support it during its second and final readings since the law’s core provisions involving the non-medical use of plants are still in place.

Anyone can cultivate cannabis or hemp, own all cannabis plant parts, and possess Weed extracts with a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level of no more than 0.2% by dry weight. However, they are compelled to alert the appropriate authorities.

Authorities must get permits before selling cannabis, plants, seedlings, or extracts.

Cannabis products may only be produced and sold under certain conditions outlined in applicable regulations, such as when they take the shape of food, drink, cosmetics, or traditional medicines.

It is illegal to sell cannabis or Marijuana extracts to those under 20, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

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