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5 Things to Know About Cannabis and Your Health

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5 Things to Know About Cannabis and Your Health

Cannabis products are available in many forms and quantities. You can buy cannabis flower, vape products, inhalers, concentrates, edibles, topical, and oral products.

Its main compounds are CBD, THC, and many other cannabinoids. Its use affects you differently compared to its effects on other users.

It can be used for recreation or medical purposes. Whatever way or purpose you use cannabis, it can either positively or negatively affect your health.

Here are facts you should know about cannabis and your health.

It can get you high

Before you buy edibles online UK, you should first know your purpose for buying. One truth about cannabis is that it can get you high.

This is one of the main reasons why people order marijuana. It has a key psychoactive ingredient called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) responsible for the main cannabis psychological effects.

This is the ingredient that gives you the “high” feeling.

Once THC is broken down in the body, the chemical travels into the brain and binds to cannabinoid receptors. The most affected is the brain part responsible for pleasure, such as food and sex.

This part of the brain releases dopamine in plenty which makes you feel relaxed and high.

The effect can last for 30 minutes at its peak, although it can go on for up to 3 hours in some users.

You can use cannabis as medicine

Medicinal cannabis products are sold in and help manage a wide range of medical conditions.

The main compound used for medicinal purposes is CBD.

This compound doesn’t contain a high amount of THC, which makes you feel high. Several studies have shown CBD effectively helps prevent several gastrointestinal disorders.

It can be used to prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, and IBD. Further research has shown cannabis destroys certain cancer cells.

It can be used to prevent the effects of arthritis, acne, and several other skin problems.

Researchers in the UK found CBD can help reduce blood pressure. There are many other types of ailments that can be managed by the use of medical cannabis.

Smoking cannabis can negatively affect your unborn child

Smoking cannabis might be good for you but not for your unborn child. Your unborn child feeds on what you eat through the umbilical cord.

Any amount of cannabis consumed during pregnancy is not safe for your baby.

Whether you smoke, vape, or chew, almost 500 chemicals are passed from your body to the child.

Studies have shown these chemicals have diverse effects on your child.

The baby fails to gain the required weight before birth due to growth restrictions.

You develop a higher risk of stillbirth, and you will likely give birth before the full term.

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Cannabis use has many negative effects on your health

Despite the many health benefits of cannabis use, there are many negative effects on your health too.

Overuse can lead to several mental disorders. You can begin to develop anxiety and mood, which eventually lead to chronic depression.

When used properly, you can rarely develop such conditions.

Doctors report some cannabis users develop low IQ. The most affected are those who start using the products when they are young and continue using them for many years.

There are a few instances where some users have developed lung problems.

Some studies report cannabis use might cause heart damage and decrease the volume of testosterone in users.

These conditions can be avoided if you use the right amount of cannabis and avoid misuse.

The use of cannabis can lead to addiction and slowed judgment

The level of addiction is not as high as when using alcohol and tobacco products. However, research has shown at least 30% of cannabis users develop an addiction.

This condition is likely to develop more in users who start using the products at an early age.

Addiction develops when the user’s brain can no longer function effectively without using the products.

Some cannabis users can develop slow judgment ability, especially when driving.

They develop slow reaction times and fail to make decisions fast while on the road.

Some experience impaired coordination and distorted perception, which puts them at risk while driving.

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