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Thailand Ease its Prohibitions on the Import Of hemp or Cannabis seeds



Thailand Ease its Prohibitions on the Import Of hemp or Cannabis seeds

(CTN News) – The Thailand Department of Agriculture has just published a new directive to relax the limits on importing cannabis and hemp seeds.

As of today (Saturday), cannabis and hemp seeds originating outside of Thailand may be transported into the country by air, sea, or land instead of just via air, as was the case under the prior regulations.

No need for the seeds to be treated with fungicide; hence, there is no need to indicate the fungicide or the quantity used in the disinfection procedure in the plant safety certificate. This is because the obligation to treat the seeds with fungicide has been eliminated.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Traisuree Traisoranakul said that other limitations that had been previously mentioned remain enforceable, such as the need that importers to apply to the Department of Agriculture to get an import permit.

A hemp or cannabis seed cannot be genetically modified, and it may not contain insects, other seeds, dirt, or plant waste.

The seeds of cannabis and hemp that are to be imported cannot have been altered genetically, and they must be contained in clean containers devoid of any insects, other seeds, dirt, or plant or animal waste.

She emphasized how crucial it was for the seeds that were brought into the country to have a plant safety certificate provided by the national plant protection agency of the country that was exporting them.

The cannabis and hemp seeds will be inspected upon arrival at the ports of entry in Thailand. This will be done to ensure that they correspond with the information that is specified in the documentation. If this is not the case, the authorities have the authority to have the seeds destroyed.

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