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Shootings In Pennsylvania Suburbs Kill At Least 3 People, Suspect Sought

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Shootings In Pennsylvania Suburbs Kill At Least 3 People, Suspect Sought

(CTN News) – At least three people have been killed in a series of shootings Saturday morning in Falls Township, a Pennsylvania suburb near Trenton, New Jersey. Currently, there is a manhunt taking place.

In two sections of Falls Township, there were two shootings on Saturday morning, according to Jeff Dence, the chairman of Falls Township’s board of supervisors.

In an interview with NPR, Dence said that several people were shot and that the shootings were related to domestic violence.

In addition, he also stated that authorities believe the suspect, who barricaded himself in a house with hostages inside, stole a car from Falls Township and fled to Trenton.

A 26-year-old male has been identified as the suspect by police, with ties to Trenton and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he lives.

It has been reported that Falls Township Police have issued a shelter-in-place order and advised residents to lock all doors, move to a central location away from windows, and to stay away from the township for the time being. They have also asked travelers to avoid the township for now.

From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, the shelter-in-place will be lifted from the area.

Investigation of a Trenton carjacking related to the shootings

As a result of the shootings in Falls Township earlier this week, the Trenton Police Department is investigating a carjacking in the area. This carjacking may have been connected to the incidents.

There are a number of agencies involved in this investigation, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New Jersey State Police and Falls Township, according to Trenton police detective Lt. Lisette Rios.

In response to NPR’s question about the possibility that the suspect may be in Trenton, Trenton police did not immediately respond.

Near Trenton, Pennsylvania, Falls Township is located near the state border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Sesame Place, an amusement park themed after Sesame Street in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is also near Sesame Place. On Saturday, Sesame Place announced it will be closed.

Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania, announced on social media that he has asked the state police to coordinate with local law enforcement agencies during this investigation.


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