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436 Schools in Bangkok Declared Cannabis-Free Zones

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Schools in Bangkok Declared Cannabis-Free Zones

The Bangkok Governor, Chadchart Sittipunt, announced on June 15th that all 436 schools under his supervision are now cannabis-free zones.

According to the announcement on cannabis:

  • No sale or advertising of food, drinks, or desserts containing ganja at schools.
  • School administrators and staff should be role models for students by refraining from using marijuana or hemp and must closely watch their students prevent them from using either.
  • Educate students about the health risks of marijuana, hemp, and its extracts.
  • Seek help from parents by monitoring shops around schools, to make sure they do not sell cannabis or hemp or food or drinks which contain either of the two.

Hospitalizations were reported for four people who had used cannabis, including one who died from heart failure.

The Thai government decriminalized cannabis and hemp on June 9th, except for ganja extracts that contain more than 0.2% THC by weight.

Currently, there is no law regulating the use of marijuana, except for public nuisance violations in the case of smoking marijuana in public places. In spite of the government’s attempt to use cannabis medically, recreational use of the plant has increased.

On June 8th, the lower house approved the Bhumjaithai party’s Cannabis and Hemp Bill, which legalizes the controlled use, production, sale, import, and export of marijuana, hemp, and their extracts.

Nevertheless, the Bill will require more vetting in Thailand’s Parliament.

What are the pros and cons of cannabis?

Historically, the world, or at least the older generations, has been taught that the latter is undisputed. However, doubts have grown lately among newer generations, with claims persisting that the possible medicinal benefits of the plant may not have been sufficiently researched.

Advocates of legalization may be making a mistake, or a good leap of faith is required for some potentially marvelous discoveries. Either way, politically-biased debate or business interests (the pharmaceutical industry, for instance, stands to lose a lot if cannabis works wonders medically) can lead to inaccurate advice.

While there are those who are worried, there are others who point out that some painkillers, addictive yet effective, would not have been discovered if the medical attitude toward opium were absolutely uncompromising.

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