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Prince Charles Asked To ‘Shut Up’ Amid Political ‘Attempts’ To ‘Destroy’ Monarchy

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(CTN News) – After making a controversial statement about Rwanda, Prince Charles is under intense attack.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, announced in April that illegal migrants who arrive in the country will be deported back to Rwanda. However, the Prince of Wales strongly disagreed with this decision and called it “appalling.”..”

According to the Times, he expressed disappointment at the policy.

“He said that he thought the Government’s entire approach was appalling. There was no doubt that he was unimpressed with the direction the government was heading in.”

Taking issue with Prince Charles‘ reaction to the agreement, Brexiteer Nile Gardiner tweeted: “Prince Charles sending the completely wrong message on Rwanda migrant plan, which will act as a strong deterrent to illegal migration from France, which is overwhelmingly economic migration.”.

I think it’s also wrong for a senior royal to comment on government policy.”

While Nigel Farage added: “Unless Prince Charles wants to destroy the monarchy, he should shut up.”

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