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Possible Tornado Damages Jacksboro High School, Animal Shelter

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A possible tornado that struck Jacksboro Monday afternoon flooded the Jacksboro High School and damaged the Jacksboro Animal Shelter among other things, including the school.

NBC 5 was contacted by Jacksboro High School and they assured us all students are safe. Reports indicate that the gymnasium at the high school took a direct hit, but we were able to contact the high school and confirm this. Jacksonboro is located in Jack County, west of Wise County.

There have also been reports that the Jacksboro Aminal Shelter sustained direct damage due to this same storm. We called NBC 5 and were told that there was a survey being carried out on the shelter.

In addition, trees have been reported to be blocking portions of Highway 380 as well. As of this morning, fire fighters have reported major damage in the area of Highway 380 and FM 4 west of Jacksboro.

Opening of an emergency shelter

At the Twin Lakes Activity Center located at 1114 TX-59 in Jacksboro, there is currently a shelter for anyone who may require it in the event of a natural disaster.

Continued coverage of the weather

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