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Police Arrest Frank James as ‘Suspect’ in Brooklyn Subway Shooting



Police Arrest Frank James as 'Suspect' in Brooklyn Subway Shooting
(CTN News) – James, 62, who was named as the ‘person of interest’ in the Brooklyn subway shooting incident, is now being viewed as a ‘suspect’ in the terrorist incident following the discovery of new evidence regarding his involvement. According to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the police authorities are now investigating Frank James as a ‘suspect’ after acquiring incriminating evidence in the case.

Police identify Frank James as ‘suspect’ in Brooklyn subway shooting

Mayor Adams refused to provide details regarding the ‘new information’ that was available to the team, but said the investigating teams were in pursuit of James and that he would be arrested soon.

James had been labeled a ‘person of interest’ in the terrifying New York shooting incident, in which 10 people were shot. The police found that he had rented a van on Tuesday that was connected to the case. Police, however, we’re unsure whether he was associated with the mass shooting. When the investigating agencies zeroed in on him, they gathered some crucial evidence.

Videos of ‘suspected man’ show him slamming the US as a ‘racist nation’.

Some previous videos of the ‘suspected’ man, shared online, were also accessed by the authorities. In the videos, the black man was heard denouncing the US as a racist country that had promoted violence against black people. “This nation was born in violence, it’s kept alive by violence or the threat thereof, and it’s going to die a violent death. Nothing is going to stop that, “James said in one video.

In some other visuals, he also ranted about NYC Mayor Adams. The New York Police Commissioner, Keechant Sewell, had dubbed James’ online posts “concerning.” Meanwhile, New York Mayor’s security has been tightened amid prevailing threats.

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Commuters traveling from Brooklyn to Sunset Park on a metro train were terrorized and agonized by the horrific shooting incident on Tuesday morning around 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

The incident, in Brooklyn Subway Shooting which 33 rounds were fired, resulting in 10 people being shot. At least 19 people have been taken to hospitals with injuries ranging from smoke inhalation to shrapnel wounds, and five of them are in critical condition.

According to authorities, the gunman fired 33 times with a Glock 17 99mm semi-handgun, which was found in the Brooklyn subway. Additionally, investigators found two undetonated smoke grenades, a hatchet, gasoline, fireworks, and keys to a U-Haul van.

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