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One Thai Tourist Dead During the Halloween Stampede in Seoul



One Thai Tourist Dead During the Halloween Stampede in Seoul

(CTN News) – The Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul has verified that a Thai visitor perished in the Halloween stampede in South Korea (Sunday). At the time of this report, there is no more information about the death.

Laksamika Deeprasai, a different visitor from Thailand, stated her amazement at seeing several people die in front of her during the stampede event in the Itaewon region of Seoul, South Korea, yesterday night (Saturday).

Laksamika told Bangkokpost reporters that she was set to meet her buddy when she saw the alley was busy at about 10pm local time in South Korea. As she went into the centre of the alley, she claimed to feel pressure from people on both sides.

She stated that since the alley is on a slope, if one person trips, others will follow, causing people to suffocate and die.

“I used to go to the Songkran celebrations at Silom, Bangkok. Although it was likewise packed and spooky, the Halloween celebration in Itaewon was far worse and more crowded. I managed to live, although I almost passed out.

She said that this was her third time attending the Halloween celebration in South Korea, and this time was a lot busier than the previous two.

Laksamika said that during the Halloween rush, she and her pals clasped arms to push through the masses together and guard against getting knocked down. However, despite how difficult it was, they escaped the congestion.

Following their escape from the turmoil, they came across a sizable gathering of police, military, and security personnel who encouraged her and her pals to seek safety inside a store. She then saw police treating the wounded with CPR.

82 people were hurt, and almost 150 people were killed in the Halloween rush.

This is the first outdoor Halloween celebration staged in South Korea’s famed nightlife district of Itaewon since the COVID-19 epidemic.

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