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What is Known About the Drone Attack on Crimea?

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What is Known About the Drone Attack on Crimea?

(CTN News) – After Moscow said a Saturday morning drone assault by Ukraine on ships in the Bay of Sevastopol, Russia withdrew from the U.N.-mediated Black Sea grain arrangement.

What do we currently know?


At 04:20 Kyiv time on Saturday, 16 aerial and marine drones allegedly targeted the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships in the Bay of Sevastopol, Crimea. All nine of the air drones, according to Russia, were destroyed.

According to Russia, three more made it into the harbour before they were destroyed, even though four of the seven maritime drones were destroyed on the bay’s outer border.

According to the government, Russia reported minimal damage to the minesweeper Ivan Golubets.

Reuters was unable to confirm battlefield reports right away.

An unconfirmed video posted on social media showed what seemed to be maritime drones swooping over the ocean and shooting at a Russian warship.


According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Black Sea coast town of Ochakiv’s 73rd Marine Special Operations Center, under the direction and command of British naval personnel, carried out the assault.

It claimed that individuals from the same British naval unit—which it omitted to name—were responsible for last month’s explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines.

Britain refuted the assertion.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is using epic-scale fabrications to distract from their appalling management of the unlawful invasion of Ukraine, a spokeswoman for the British Ministry of Defense stated.

This most recent made-up narrative reveals more about the conflicts occurring inside the Russian government than it does about the West.

The drone strike on Sevastopol was neither disputed nor confirmed by Ukraine, who claimed that Russia was the target of the attack to halt its involvement in the grain trade.

Andriy Yermak, the chief of staff of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said that Russia had carried out “false terrorist strikes on its own institutions.”

Neither Russia nor Ukraine have offered supporting data for their assertions.


According to Russia, part of the marine drones’ wreckage has been retrieved. It claimed to have looked into the navigation modules developed in Canada that were mounted on the drones.

It claimed that the marine drones were launched from the coast close to Odesa and travelled through the security zone along the grain corridor before entering the Bay of Sevastopol, the biggest city on the Crimean peninsula that Russia took from Ukraine in 2014.

According to the defence ministry, one of the marine drones looked to have originated from the grain corridor’s security perimeter.

The defence ministry said that this “may imply the preparatory launch of this device from onboard one of the civilian boats hired by Kyiv or its Western patrons for the export of agricultural goods from the seaports of Ukraine.”

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Russia has taken care to avoid entirely abandoning the agreement.

The Russian foreign ministry said on October 29 that “the Russian side cannot ensure the safety of civilian dry cargo ships participating in the ‘Black Sea initiative’ and suspends its execution from today on the indefinite term.

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