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Naked Man Causes Chaos at a Convenience Store in Thailand

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Naked Man Causes Chaos at a Convenience Store in Thailand

(CTN News) – On February 17, a young man’s strange actions wreaked havoc at a convenience shop in Ratchaburi.

The client and personnel inside the business were terrified when the guy broke in while completely undressed. He started trashing things, making odd sounds and muttering Arabic.

Around 11 p.m., the naked man started breaking the store’s door’s glass, which is when the event started.

The workers expelled him from the shop and returned a short while later, entering and hurling the items on the shelves to the ground, wreaking havoc inside. To address the issue, the staff was compelled to contact the police.

A naked Arabic man was arrested in Ratchaburi shop

A complaint of a guy breaking into a convenience shop in the Don Tako Subdistrict of the Mueang District was made to the Muang Ratchaburi Police Station.

The individual seemed to be under the influence of narcotics. When the police arrived, they discovered a guy who had entered the flower store across the street while he was nude.

The insane naked man attempted to flee and started damaging the store’s items when he noticed the cops.

He tried to escape when the cops tried to stop him, which allowed the reporters and police to apprehend him and bind his hands behind his back.

Finally, on the spot, handcuffs were applied to the naked man, and help was requested. The culprit looked to be hallucinating, cross-eyed and speaking Arabic while he waited for the Prachanukul Ratchaburi Foundation workers to come.

Once the foundation personnel showed up there, they assisted in getting the naked man into the vehicle and driving him to the police station.

The individual had a drug test, and his family members were notified, but the test results have not yet been made public.

The individual has previously been observed creating trouble in other establishments across the street, according to the Facebook page Police TV by UCI Media.

Thailand has recently been plagued by weird behavior from naked individuals.

While a nude British guy said he wanted to invite everyone to meet with god, a naked Russian man with an erection was seen wandering the streets of Samui.

A viral video in Phetchabun showed a Thai traveler riding a motorbike while unclothed on a public road.

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