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LIV Golf Loses Antitrust Case Against PGA Tour



LIV Golf Loses Antitrust Case Against PGA Tour

(CTN News) – In ongoing litigation between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, a judge has ruled that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and its governor can be deposed. They also must produce documents.

LIV’s arguments that the PIF and Yasir Al-Rumayyan are protected by sovereign immunity laws have been rejected by federal magistrate judge Susan van Keulen, since Al-Rumayyan’s conduct falls within the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act’s commercial activity exception.

If it holds, Saudi Arabia will have unprecedented access to its business dealings, which it has long fought to keep secret.

Earlier this month, the tour filed a motion to add PIF and Al-Rumayyan to the suit, arguing that LIV is the culmination of a “long-conceived plan” to take over professional golf as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

In documents obtained in discovery by the PGA Tour in December, the PIF is the primary backer of LIV, and Al-Rumayyan and PIF were allegedly responsible for inducing players to breach their tour contracts.

According to the tour, Al-Rumayyan personally recruited players, participated actively in contract negotiations, and explicitly approved each player’s contract, all while knowing that these deals would conflict with the players’ tour contracts.

According to van Keulen, the PIF was evidently responsible for the founding, funding, oversight, and operation of LIV.

A member of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s inner circle, Al-Rumayyan is widely regarded as the brain behind Golf Saudi and LIV Golf.

Even though Greg Norman has been the public face of LIV Golf, sources familiar with LIV tell Golf Digest that Al-Rumayyan and Majed Al Sorour were responsible for governing LIV Golf/Golf Saudi.

Al Sorour transitioned out of his role as managing director of LIV Golf last month. Managing director of LIV Golf.

Al-Rumayyan, who is a member of the inner circle of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is considered to be the architect of both Golf Saudi and LIV Golf.

In spite of Greg Norman being the public face of LIV Golf, sources familiar with LIV tell Golf Digest that Al-Rumayyan and Majed Al Sorour have the final say in all matters related to LIV Golf/Golf Saudi.

It was announced last month that Al Sorour would be leaving the position of managing director at LIV Golf.

Although the judge ruled in favor of LIV, he did note that the subpoenas “suffer from overbreadth both in scope and number of requests.” However, the tour does have the right to reserve the subpoenas, allowing Al-Rumayyan to be deposed.

The LIV is expected to appeal the decision. This decision would then be reviewed by District Court Judge Beth Freeman, who already ruled against the LIV and its members in a temporary restraining order last summer.

If LIV appeals, the antitrust case would be delayed for months by the 9th Circuit Court.

What is LIV Golf  concept?

What is the format for LIV Golf tournaments? LIV Golf tournaments will consist of three 18-hole rounds taking place over three days. They will feature a traditional stroke play format with a shotgun start, where all golfers begin play at the same time on different holes, and no cuts.


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