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Giant Panda Lin Hui at Chiang Mai Zoo Turns 21-Year-Old

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Giant Panda Lin Hui Celebrates 21st Birthday at Chiang Mai Zoo

The giant panda Lin Hui at the Chiang Mai Zoo its star attraction celebrated her 21st birthday of its star attraction on Wednesday.

Yang Jiong, vice consul general of China, assisted in the festivities at the Chiang Mai Zoo.

She noted in a card that the Chinese Consulate-General in Chiang Mai was grateful for the zoo’s efforts in caring for Lin Hui for more than two decades.

“Lin Hui is not only well-cared for by the Chiang Mai Zoo but also receives a great deal of affection from Chiang Mai villagers and Thais.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that Lin Hui’s stay in Chiang Mai is evidence of the tremendous relationship between Thailand and China,” she wrote.

She stated that the Chinese Consulate-General would increase its funding for panda conservation and research at the zoo.

In accordance with China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) regulations, zoo director Wuthichai Muangman stated that Lin Hui is in good health and is being closely cared for by a veterinary team.

Since October 2003, over 7.4 million people have visited the zoo to view the two giant pandas on loan from China, Lin Hui and Xuang Xuang.

Chiang Mai zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo Refutes Accusations Of Neglecting Animals

Last wee, the Chiang Mai Zoo responded to allegations of neglect following Twitter posts depicting animals and grounds at the zoo in a dilapidated state.

On Saturday, zoo director Wuthichai Muangman and his staff held a press conference to respond to photos and messages posted by a Twitter user with over 1.3 million followers on Thursday. The Twitter account’s name was not disclosed.

The zoo was chastised for the posts, showing some malnourished animals and habitats in disrepair.

Mr. Wuthichai, discussing a photo of an underweight tiger vomiting into a polluted pond, stated that the animal, named Khao Pun, currently weighs 38 kilograms, which is within the 30-40kg range for its age.

Chiang Mai Zoo

He said Tigers are typically sleek creatures that can appear gaunt. He also added that vomiting is normal behaviour for felines, including tigers, when they groom themselves and cough up their fur.

In response to the photos of the green pond, the zoo director explained that the growth was green plankton, a natural occurrence in freshwater that does not indicate rot or danger.

He also assured that other concerns were being addressed, such as reports of bird carcasses, which were confirmed to be the offspring of migrating birds passing through the zoo.

The carcasses had been inspected for diseases and incinerated

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