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Drivers with Traffic Tickets Totaling Bt36,000 Arrested in Chiang Rai

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Drivers with Traffic tickets Totaling Bt36,000 Arrested in Chiang Rai

Highway police in Chiang Rai province have served arrest warrants on two drivers who refused to make traffic tickets payments for a total of 36,000 baht.

The highway police showed up at their homes to serve them with arrest warrants for their unpaid traffic violations. Now they will have to hire a traffic ticket attorney and pay much more, the highway police said.

Highway Police Division 5 posted on Facebook that the two traffic violators had been served arrest warrants for repeating traffic offenses and refused to pay traffic tickets online.

The suspects were only identified as Warissorn and Karn. They were arrested in cooperation with the Chiang Rai City Police Station.

Total of 72 traffic tickets

According to the Highway Police, Warissorn had run 47 traffic lights and ignored traffic signals, while Karn had jumped 25 traffic lights. Between the two they had racked up seventy-two 500 baht traffic violations totaling 36,000 baht.

According to the post, the two never paid their fines and continued to violate traffic laws.

The highway police said the arrests were to demonstrate to other motorists that they cannot avoid paying traffic tickets.

The highway police post said, “we’re not sure who came up with this notion that drivers do not have to pay for their traffic violations and are free to break the law repeatedly.

Although we may stay quiet, we are capable of finding them at their doorstep. “How can they keep committing the same wrongdoing again and again and expect to get away with it?” the post said.

Traffic violation fees in Thailand

The Royal Thai Police for violations of the Land Traffic Act of 1979 was published in the Royal Gazette in August 2020.

The schedule of traffic fines for other traffic offenses includes:

– Driving without a driving license or unable to show one when asked (200 baht)

– Reckless driving or obstructing traffic (400 baht)

– Failing to stop or keep left on seeing an emergency vehicle (400 baht)

– Breaking the speed limit (500 baht)

– Driving a vehicle without license plates (500 baht)

– Failing to comply with traffic signs on roadsides (500 baht)

– Disobeying traffic lights (500 baht)

– Driving on roadside pavements (500 baht)

– Use of mobile phones while driving without auxiliary equipment (500 baht)

– Parking or leaving stalled vehicles to obstruct traffic (500 baht)

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