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Chiang Mai Rescue Faces Disaster Due to Road Safety Services



Chiang Mai Rescue Faces Disaster Due to Road Safety Services

Because of a contentious road safety campaign, a rescue agency in Chiang Mai, located in northern Thailand, has repeatedly been receiving the same false alarm phone call.

The period between December 29 and January 4 in Thailand is known as Seven Days of Danger due to the high number of fatalities and accidents on the country’s roads during this time.

Road safety promotions aim to remind drivers to use heightened caution while driving on the road safety throughout the holiday season. However, a campaign taking place at a prominent intersection in the Mueang area of Chiang Mai has been misunderstood by drivers, which is putting a strain on the emergency response services.

Road Safety Services

A fake accident with two motorcycles on the road shoulder

On the Chiang Mai – Phrao Road safety, A fake accident with two motorcycles and three scarecrows constructed to look like they were in a collision is on the road shoulder between the crossroads of Ruam Chok and Fa Ham.

At first glance, the lifeless scarecrows — two of which are entangled in the wreckage of the motorcycle, and one of which is spread across the grass – may be mistaken for severely injured or dead persons.

Maejo Rescue Service of Chiang Mai published photographs of the accident on their Facebook page with the comment. Announcement to the general public. This did not occur by chance at all.

Central reservation near the junctions of Ruam Chok and Fa Ham

It is located on the central reservation near the junctions of Ruam Chok and Fa Ham. We have received numerous phone calls informing us of it at this point.

The shock-factor campaign aims to signal drivers to remain alert and drive safely. Concerned drivers scurrying to summon emergency services to the location to assist the victims appear to be more of a diversion than anything else.

Despite its good intentions, the campaign wastes the valuable time of rescue agencies, which are already under enormous pressure due to the Seven Days of Danger.

We sincerely hope that the crash site will not be the location of any accidents because if they occur, it will be difficult to persuade the Maejo Rescue Service to rush to the location.

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