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Doug Emhoff, Second Gentleman Tests Positive for Covid-19

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Doug Emhoff, the vice presidential candidate, did test positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday, according to a statement released by his office.

According to Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary for Vice President Kamala Harris, “Earlier today, the Second Gentleman tested positive for Covid-19,” said Singh. It has been decided that the Vice President will not attend tonight’s event out of an abundance of caution. The Vice President tested negative for Covid-19 today and will continue to do so.
Besides Emhoff, Doug Emhoff is the first known positive case of Covid-19 since the inauguration of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States and Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

As Doug Emhoff’s test results were being released Tuesday, Harris was scheduled to participate in a White House event commemorating Equal Pay Day that started just as the results were being released. The fact that there was an empty chair for the vice president on stage for the Equal Pay Day event can be interpreted as a sign of how last-minute the vice president had been pulled out. Besides the White House account, the White House Twitter account had also announced that Harris would be speaking at 6 pm ET, just before the event was to begin.

In response to Harris’ absence from the event, Biden stated, “Kamala chose not to take a chance since he revealed he had tested positive – he’s fine, BTW, but out of a sense of caution, she chose not to attend.”

Earlier this week, Jen Psaki, the press secretary for the White House, revealed that the President was last tested on Sunday, and that the test was negative. CNN has requested more information from the White House on when the President’s next psychological test will take place.

On Tuesday, Vice President Biden joined Vice President Biden at the White House for an event announcing the signing of a $1.5 trillion government funding bill. In addition, he stood by Biden’s side as he delivered remarks during the signing ceremony, and later stood in the crowd of federal lawmakers who were attending.

In the course of his visit to the nation’s capital earlier Tuesday, Doug Emhoff took in a garden that was open to the public. Doug Emhoff was joined by another gentleman who also gardened outside during the event.

We have asked the White House for comment on when the last time Doug Emhoff was in contact with Biden, as well as for more information on what happened during his test. Biden is not regarded as a close contact to the second gentleman, according to a White House official.

There has been a close brush between Harris and Covid-19 in the past. Last summer, after a meeting with Texas House Democrats, the vice president also tested negative, but several other members of the Texas House of Representatives were found to have Coronavirus.

CDC guidelines state that fully vaccinated people who are asymptomatic can refrain from quarantine following a known exposure, provided they are fully vaccinated and up to date on their boosters. Harris is fully vaccinated and updated, as is her husband.


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