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PayPal Partners With iWallet To Offer Flexible Payment Options

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PayPal Partners With iWallet To Offer Flexible Payment Options

(CTN News) – A FinTech startup has announced the integration of PayPal and Venmo into its home service payment app.

The integration of PayPal and Venmo into a company’s payment flow provides a much-needed service that previously hasn’t been available to multi-technician companies, leaving their customers unsatisfied.

IWallet merchants are now able to connect to PayPal and Venmo’s fast and seamless payment systems and easily reconcile their transactions while leveraging these companies’ robust security controls, dispute management tools, and chargeback management services.

As a result, there is a great opportunity to democratize payments in the home service industry by allowing customers to send payment through or Venmo,” said Jim Kolchin, the Founder and CEO of iWallet.

We are committed to innovation and we are expanding the accessibility of digital payments by integrating PayPal and Venmo through our commitment to innovation.”

The popularity of mobile wallets continues to rise, and people will gravitate towards contactless, quick, and safe payment methods as mobile wallets continue to gain popularity. PayPal’s secure payment option that is trusted by millions of people is designed to solve the needs of merchants and now home servicers can easily connect with their customers by using PayPal’s iWallet system.

Due to the fact that fewer consumers carry cash, are more reliant than ever before on the ability to accept all forms of payment in their field of operations.

Customers will have the option to pay for home services using or Venmo, reflecting the continued evolution of a wildly popular app that offers a variety of payment methods to meet a wide range of consumer needs, such as the ability to pay via PayPal or Venmo.

In just a few minutes, home service providers will have the ability to accept and Venmo directly from their mobile devices.

With the continued growth of the company, iWallet has been able to unlock new features for free that other processors charge for as they grow their business.

In addition to PayPal and Venmo, home servicers have the opportunity to select from a variety of simple, flexible payment options, giving them the confidence that their payments are safe and secure.


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