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China Expands Nuclear Arsenal Amid US Threat

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China Expands Nuclear Arsenal Amid US Threat

(CTN News) – According to Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, China is expanding its nuclear arsenal amid an alleged ‘threat’ from the US. According to a report, Beijing is ‘seriously’ concerned about US threats, forcing the Chinese leadership to reconsider its nuclear options. Beijing had earlier boosted its nuclear deterrent ahead of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, according to the report.

China and the United States exchanged views earlier. As a result of the recent events in Europe, as well as the increased confrontation between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan, China has now beefed up its nuclear arsenal. In its report, a US newspaper cited anonymous sources from various security agencies in China. However, according to the journal, the sources that informed of the development do not “directly set nuclear policy.”

In addition, the report cited satellite imagery of over 100 suspected missile silos in one of China’s western regions to support its claims. The imagery was taken in an area where increased activity has been detected recently. DF-41 missiles can carry a nuclear warhead and reach the US mainland, according to the report. Chinese does not publish details of its nuclear arsenal and has refused to engage in nuclear weapons control talks with the US in the past.

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China set up military bases on 3 south China sea islands: US

In the South China Sea, China has established three military outposts, equipped and armed them with anti-ship and anti-air missile systems, lasers, and jamming devices, and deployed fighter aircraft, posing a possible threat to neighboring countries, The Associated Press reported on Saturday.

Admiral John C Aquilino confirmed the information, according to The Singapore Post. Likewise, he said, “Chinese has expanded its military equipment and is definitely weakening the region”. According to Aquilino, while missile armaments, aircraft hangars, military devices, and facilities have been built on “Mischief Reef, Subi Reef, and Fiery Cross”, it is still uncertain whether Chinese will continue to build military bases within the surrounding areas.

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