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After a Fight Over a TikTok Video, a Pakistani Teen Shoots His Sister Dead.



After a Fight Over a TikTok Video, a Pakistani Teen Shoots His Sister Dead.

(CTN News) – In a tragic event, a 14-year-old girl has tragically killed her sister during a disagreement over a TikTok video in Sarai Alamgir town, located in Punjab’s Gujrat district, as reported by ARY News.

According to the information provided, an argument broke out between the two sisters, Saba Afzal and Maria Afzal, while they were recording a video for the popular social media platform.

Following the heated argument, the 14-year-old, Saba Afzal, took a drastic action by shooting her sister. A case has been registered against the young suspect based on a complaint filed by her brother at the Saddar Police Station.

This heartbreaking incident brings to mind a similar tragedy that occurred in December, where three young individuals lost their lives while filming a TikTok video near Sheikhupura district.

The unfortunate victims, who were residents of Khanqah Dogran city in Safdarabad Tehsil, were riding a motorcycle and recording a TikTok video.

Unfortunately, due to a momentary lapse in concentration, their motorcycle collided head-on with a car coming from the opposite direction, resulting in the tragic death of all three youngsters.

According to Pakistani vernacular media, on December 24th, Jamia Binoria Town, a prominent religious school in Karachi, issued a fatwa declaring TikTok usage as illegal and ‘haram’, stating that it is the greatest temptation of the modern era.

The fatwa, conveyed through an online platform, firmly states that TikTok is considered both illegal and haram from a Shariah perspective.

Reasons provided include the app’s inclusion of photos and videos of animals, the production and dissemination of explicit videos by women, and the creation of videos involving dancing and singing.

The fatwa also condemns TikTok for allowing mockery and ridicule of scholars and religion.

Religious scholars have previously called for a ban on TikTok due to its role in spreading immorality, and Pakistan has imposed intermittent bans on the app. In 2021, a five-month ban was enforced, but it was lifted after TikTok promised to enhance measures to control indecent or immoral content.


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