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A 16-Year-Old Traveling Alone On Frontier Airlines Ends Up On The Wrong Flight.



A 16-Year-Old Traveling Alone On Frontier Airlines Ends Up On The Wrong Flight.

(CTN News) – Sixteen-year-old Logan Lose, who was traveling alone, had an unfortunate experience during the holidays on Frontier Airlines.

Instead of reaching his intended destination of Cleveland, Ohio, Logan found himself in San Juan, Puerto Rico, over 1,200 miles away from where he was supposed to be.

This incident occurred on December 22nd when Logan was flying from Tampa International Airport to visit his mother. His parents expressed their disappointment and demanded accountability for the mix-up.

Ryan Lose, Logan’s father, emphasized that the airline should have realized the mistake by scanning Logan’s boarding pass.

According to reports, the Frontier Airlines agent at the gate had checked Logan’s baggage, examined his mobile boarding pass, and assured him that he was boarding the correct flight.

After landing in San Juan, Logan reached out to his family, expressing his fear and confusion, as he had been told he was heading to Ohio.

The father expressed his initial reaction as one of panic, highlighting his concern for his son’s safety in a situation where he couldn’t be present.

According to reports, the teenager was ahead of schedule by two hours and was waiting at the correct gate for his intended flight, which was scheduled to depart after the one heading to Puerto Rico.

Frontier Airlines acknowledged that the boarding agent’s error allowed the teenager to board the wrong plane. However, they promptly flew him back to Tampa on the same aircraft and arranged for a flight to Cleveland the next day.

Ryan, the father, mentioned that the airline initially dismissed the possibility of such a mistake, but eventually acknowledged their error. However, their response was limited to a simple apology.

In an attempt to compensate for the incident, Frontier Airlines offered Ryan a $200 travel voucher. However, he emphasized the importance of accountability over a mere voucher.

Unlike many other airlines, Frontier Airlines does not have an unaccompanied minor program that provides assistance to young travelers. Instead, they have a policy that prohibits passengers under the age of 15 from traveling alone.

This incident is reminiscent of a similar occurrence involving a much younger traveler. A 6-year-old flying unaccompanied on Spirit Airlines from Philadelphia to Fort Myers was mistakenly placed on a flight to Orlando on December 21.

In response to the incident, Spirit Airlines stated that the agent responsible for the incorrect boarding is no longer employed by the company. They also assured that any individual whose actions contributed to the mistake would be held accountable for failing to adhere to their procedures.


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