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4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in Chiang Mai early on Thursday Morning



4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in Chiang Mai early on Thursday Morning

(CTN News) – Chiang Mai in northern Thailand was hit by an earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale this morning (Thursday).

There’s never been a stronger earthquake in the province. According to the Thai Meteorological Department, there were tremors in Lamphun and Phayao.

An underground tremor struck in Mae Khue subdistrict of Doi Saket district about two kilometres from the tremor’s epicentre.

No damage was found to temples or public utilities in Doi Saket following the earthquake.

An investigation conducted by Thai PBS reporters found that none of the temples in Doi Saket had been damaged by the earthquake, and none of the public utilities were affected.

In the Doi Saket market, a vendor said that she was shaken but had no idea what had happened to her and that she saw a bird fall from an overhead electricity cable just before her son informed her that there had been an earthquake in the area.

According to another roast pork vendor, he was also shaken by the strong tremor but added that none of his property was damaged during the event.

According to an elderly woman who lives in the area, this is the strongest quake she has ever experienced in her lifetime.

In addition, Nonthawat Wanna, the Mayor of Mae Khue Tambon Administrative Organisation (TAO), said today that an initial survey did not find any damage to any buildings or public utilities and has ordered a more thorough inspection to be conducted.

There may have been some slight shaking in Chiang Mai (pop. 201,000) located 13 km from the epicenter, Lamphun (pop. 43,200) 26 km from the epicenter, San Pa Tong (pop. 17,800) 29 km from the epicenter, Pa Sang (pop. 15,600) 34 km from the epicenter, and Mae Tha (pop. 10,000) 36 km from the epicenter.
Near the epicenter are Chom Thong (population 12,500) 62 km away, and Phayao (population 21,100) 92 km away where the quake might have been felt as very weak shaking.

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