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Seoul City Delays Subway, Bus Fare Hikes To 2nd Half Of The Year



Seoul City delays subway, bus fare hikes to the second half of the year

(CTN NEWS) – SEOUL – The Seoul Metropolitan Government moved forward when it would have increased the cost of public transportation, including the subway and buses, from April to the second half of the year.

This is a response to President Yoon Seok-declaration yeol’s proposal to keep a freeze on public utility prices for the first half of this year, as the burden on ordinary people has lately risen due to rising heating costs.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said on the 15th that, despite growing bus and subway deficits, it had been decided to postpone fare increases for public transportation until the second half of the year in response to the president’s words.

Raising the cost of public transit is unavoidable, though.

Pedestrians are seen at a bus stop in Yeouido, Seoul on Thursday. (Yonhap)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government abruptly changed its stance after following relevant procedures, including holding a public hearing on the 10th after publishing a proposal to the Seoul Metropolitan Council to gather feedback.

After consideration by the Price Countermeasures Committee, the base fare for public transportation was set to increase to 300–400 won by the end of April as customary.

President Yoon’s declaration that he would freeze public utility rates on the 15th of the 13th emergency economy and people’s livelihood meeting caused the rapid shift in the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s stance.

According to President Yoon, “We are complaining of difficulties as the weight of heating prices has climbed dramatically, and the news of plans to increase public rates such as transportation has been added.”

He continued urging local authorities, including Seoul City, “to take measures to stabilize local public utility rates as an axis of stabilizing people’s livelihood.”

Pedestrians are seen at a subway platform of Sindorim Station in Seoul on Thursday. (Yonhap)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government appears to have postponed the rise in public transportation fares due in part to the growing disapproval of such increases in public opinion.

Popular sentiment wasn’t negative even when raising public transportation costs was initially disclosed last year.

The red light was activated in the Seoul subway system, and bus fares increased, but as heating costs skyrocketed, yells broke out everywhere.

In addition to the fare increase, Seoul attempted to implement a “distance proportionate system” in which fares are added under the distance traveled; however, the city canceled the idea due to criticism that the fare rise was excessive.

Civic organizations protested the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s proposal to raise public transportation charges during the public hearing, noting that while inflation is anticipated to increase, doing so would also put customers’ purchasing power at risk.


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