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Shipping Containers With US$1.1 Billion in Crystal Meth Seized in Australia



Australian police said on Friday they had seized US$1.1 billion worth of crystal meth, concealed within marble stones in shipping containers. The seizure is Australia’s biggest ever drug haul.

More than 1,800 kg of crystal meth was found in shipping containers arriving in Sydney port over recent weeks hidden in marble stone slabs, NSW police said.

Following last week’s seizure of about 750 kg of ice, police found over 1,000 kg of crystal meth in the latest raid.

In a media briefing, NSW Detective Chief Superintendent John Watson said: “The size and scope of the syndicate are staggering.”

crystal meth shipping containers

According to Watson, the shipping containers in both drug seizures originated in the Middle East with identical consignment details.

Although no charges have been filed in connection with the latest seizure, police arrested three men over the drugs found last week.

As one of the most potent amphetamine drugs, methamphetamine is also known as ice or crystal meth. As a result of its white ‘crystals’ and glass-like appearance, the name ‘ice’ has become very popular.

A separate investigation by NSW police revealed the discovery of crystal meth and cocaine hidden behind the headlights of a vintage Bentley automobile in storage shipping containers from Canada has led to four arrests.


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