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Sleeper One-Size Pajamas for Home and Work at the Same Time




Bring your home with you everywhere you go: unique Sleeper one-size pajamas that you may wear anytime, anyplace.

Sleeper one-size pajamas:  Clothing is what many people live by because it is a style of self-expression and a means to make our day comfortable and bright. According to statistics, the majority of people throughout the world (both men and women) are relieved that women’s fashion standards have become looser and women’s clothing more comfortable.

Women no longer have to wear extremely long gowns with tight (and harmful!) corsets. The option is entirely open, and even and even slightly revealing outfits no longer cause judgment or bafflement to others.

Beautiful costumes are intended to give a woman self-confidence and make her feel good about herself and her choice of attire. As someone who has spent many years of his life researching clothing models and their impact on others around them, as well as the price-quality ratio, I can tell you which costumes and clothing models are worth your time and which are not. That is why the Sleeper label was able to pleasantly surprise me, and I can genuinely say that their notion with pajamas is great, and their linen pajamas are a fashion global masterpiece.

Here are a few instances of such pajamas that struck my eye on

  • Pajamas made of linen
  • Feathered pajamas
  • Sleeper sizeless pajamas


The origins of the Sleeper home clothes

In 2014, two brilliant ladies, Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa founded Sleeper, a firm that strives to bring home attire and its variety to different locations or your job. Pajamas made of linen are so light and comfy that you will feel at ease wherever you go but don’t forget that their look is remarkable in its attractiveness, so you will be proud of your sense of style when your coworkers see you.

It is also crucial to note that each pair of one-size pajamas is produced to order by the most experienced specialists, so anybody will be pleased with the quality of their mid-luxury clothing.

Pyjamas for sleeping. Masterpiece creation

A lot of effort and time is spent on each item of clothing that is created within the walls of the Sleeper factory so that each product meets the declared level of quality and style.

Also, everything is very carefully checked and the company never allows defective items or items that do not reach a certain level of quality to customers.

The major characteristic of Sleeper

Minimalism’s beautiful pajama set has been a distinguishing aspect of the design of Sleeper branded items. The lack of intricacy simplified things, yet made them more acceptable for the household. In many ways, Asya’s previous experience as a fashion magazine editor aided her successful debut. She had always wanted to start her own business, and after meeting Kate, she realized that her dream could come true. This girl also worked for a fashion magazine. She also desired to be a part of the development of something vital and beneficial.

The basic idea of the brand’s work is that a woman stays in her comfort zone even if she exits the bedroom in her adorable Sleeper pajamas set. After a while, the collection was restocked with dresses. They were stitched in the same way as pajamas, and they were differentiated by their simple style and high-quality materials, and craftsmanship.

Sewing procedure

The Sleeper brand team is no longer large or little, but it should be noted that it contains true specialists in their industry. When sewing branded items, hand labor is prioritized, allowing you to considerably enhance the level of quality. Starting with drawings, each stage of production is strictly monitored.

The models may vary somewhat during the process, but there are normally no significant variances between one-size pyjamas. This is because the items are designed to be laconic, making it harder to make modifications to them. Every sewing seam is always tidy. Because garments are made to be comfortable, the threads used are carefully chosen.

  1. Essentially, natural materials are preferred, but the Sleeper team likes to use viscose too. incorporated. The set made of viscose may retain its form for an extended period and not disintegrate as a result of washing. Viscose is classified as an artificial fabric. The material is antistatic, lightweight, and comfortable to the touch.
  2. Linen is the most commonly utilized fabric in the production of pajamas by Sleeper. Perfect for summer ad winter equally.

Collections and stores

Today, the firm distributes its items through a variety of brand stores as well as through its online site. This makes branded items more accessible to a larger number of individuals.

The brand has recently begun manufacturing capsule collections in addition to standard collections. One of them is the bridal gown line. They have basic lines and a simple design, but the correct material and perfect silhouette lines make the dresses appear quite rich. They refine and fragilize a woman’s physique, giving her a feminine aspect.

Special processes are used to make such items. Typically, only one master works on a single outfit. They need to spend around 12 hours, and sometimes more, to finish the procedure on him. Dresses are frequently complimented by tidy needlework, which is also done by hand.

Following that, a unisex collection was launched. They were all the same comfy pajamas but this time suitable for women and men as well. Perfect for couples in love who are looking for pajamas in the same style.

The biggest advantage of this brand is that it finally allows ladies to answer the perennial issue: “What should I wear?” Fortunately for all of us, Sleeper creates sets from different materials, so they truly have something for any occasion under the sun. You can work dressed in a Sleeper set, you can walk dressed in a Sleeper set. And if you want to sleep in it, who can stop you?


Today Sleeper is a fresh brand that releases new luxury pajamas daily. However, it has already managed to gain a leading place in the World market amid other pajama firms with their own decisions, which are just convenient for sleeping. Yes, there are numerous companies, but only a handful manufacture items that are truly noteworthy. Its outfits are popular outside of Ukraine as well; people all over the world have recognized the genuine value of branded clothing. This is one of those companies that genuinely cares about its consumers.

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