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Ways People are Leading the War Against the Covid-19-Pandemic



COVID-19 Pandemic, covid19

With the world continuing to grapple with COVID-19 pandemic challenges, there are people in the community who are trying to help fight the health pandemic. According to the recent revelation of a new UN plan, there is the youth who are leading the frontline in global responses. Not only are the youth on the frontline as health workers, but they are helping in advancing safety, health and raising funds in their role as innovators, activists, researchers and communicators.

Here are some of the ideas they are using to help take action against the COVID-19 pandemic

Offering essential reproductive health services

With several countries resorting to implementing lockdown, there are women who are finding it difficult to access contraception and safe absorption. To ensure such individuals are in a position of taking good care of their reproductive health, there are people who are offering help through email, Twitter, website, Instagram and Facebook. For example, Lina Lopez is using the Safe2Choose organization to help ensure women can easily give birth, safe absorption right from their homes.

Use of Social Media to Help in Spreading Accurate Information

There are people who are spreading fake news during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are people who have resorted to using social media and different apps to help in spreading good information. For instance, a medical doctor, Hashim Hounkpatin started a mass literacy program and a tweet chat to educate the mass on ways to keep them safe from COVID-19. Plans are also underway to come up with an application that will be displaying accurate and reliable information.

Ensuring the Vulnerable are not Forgotten

There are reports which state most of the people who are in humanitarian set up especially those who have been displaced are most likely to experience effects of COVID-19.

The vulnerable can hardly speak for themselves. Hence, there are high possibilities they can be left behind. However, there are individuals who have come up to raise their voices and ensure such groups are not left behind.

Help in Raising Funds

The less fortunate are unable to afford masks, washing soaps and meals during this COVID-19 pandemic. There are individuals who have resorted to holding events such as online shows to help fundraise. A good example is a British blogger who runs 200km for COVID-19 charity. The proceeds are used to enable the most affected to regain their footing. Funds raised are used to donate foodstuffs to the vulnerable and most affected communities.

Safeguarding Mental Wellness

To ensure one is effectively protected and supported during the COVID-19 pandemic, it means their mental health has to be safeguarded. Spreading fake news via social media is a recipe for stress especially to those who do not have homes or support from their families. There are groups that have resorted to organizing social media groups for those severely affected highlighting the importance of a community.

We hope the article has been of great help to you and you are now aware of ways people are using it to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


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