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Big Data Impacting Customer Acquisition with Social Media Marketing

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Big Data Impacting Customer Acquisition with Social Media Marketing

The advent of the internet and increased social subscription has become a crucial thing for big data businesses and marketers to reach their potential customers. Social media is now an integral and decisive part of the daily life of millions of people. Social media is no more just a communication platform to connect with others, but it has become a critical live business communication channel too.

Lately, with big data emerging at an unprecedented speed, social media marketing has now reached new heights, and within the next couple of years, the volume of big data in business practices is expected to cross 50 trillion gigabytes. With such a huge volume of relevant data made available, marketers should be prepared to use this effectively to get insightful input to frame their social media strategies for better reach and returns.

All the data, including photos, videos, likes/dislikes, statuses by the users on social media platforms, will provide insightful and actionable information about their whereabouts, demographics, and interests in a big way. Businesses and marketers can utilize this information in many ways and analyze it to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors.

Big data can play a crucial role for marketers to plan their social media campaigns by having all the fundamental and technical analysis data about potential customers and ways to approach them. This post will try to throw some light into big data applications in social media marketing and explore some real-time cases.

Personalization of marketing

As we know, big data can be used to ensure optimum personalization based on the tastes and interests of individual customers. With this, brands will be able to approach their potential customers in a customized way that each gets a personalized feel while interacting with products and services they need.

Big data can offer in-depth insights through historic behavioural analysis and insights, thereby understanding the audience well and creating a custom-tailored communication to them. This can also enhance retention and help elevate the trust element.

Using big data analysis, it can be easier for the brands to display personalized ads to the users by exactly addressing their needs and interests and thereby offering a focused and non-obtrusive experience. These targeted advertisements can be custom tailored based on the users’ social media posts, their likes marked on other posts, what content they used to watch, etc.

These personalized ads make it easier for marketers to solidify their customer relations over social media, reach new customers, and convert them into business.

Big Data analytics for customer acquisition and customer retention

As we discussed, the customer is considered to be the most crucial asset for any business. The usage of big data effectively will let the businesses keep a close track of the customers based on their activity patterns and general market trends.

Customer behaviour analysis can give significant insight to introduce programs for trust and loyalty building. The more data business marketers get about their customers, the more trends and patterns you can identify from those.

Having this hand will make it easy to understand the client’s need in market trends and release targeted ads to individuals. With a foolproof big data analytics method in place, marketers will be able to provide critical insights to optimize customer acquisition and retention. When it comes to maintaining customer data effectively for optimum utilization, remote database service providers like can be of help.

A real-time example of big data usage of customer acquisition

Next, let us explore a real-life example of the usage of big data analytics used by Coca-Cola for customer retention. In 2015, Coca-Cola worked on strengthening its big data strategy. To initiate this, they built a digital loyalty program at the first point.

The managing editor of ADMA interviewed the data strategy director of Coca-Cola. This interview unveiled the fact that big data analytics is the major driver of the customer retention campaign of Coca-Cola. This interview unveiled the following facts.

Data is a crucial part of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategies and product development strategies. Consumers share their opinions through various channels, including social media networks, which helps the marketers and product designers directly listen to the actual customers.

Consumers have the scope of sharing their feedback and opinion through phone or social networks. Data helps Coca-Cola to build relevant and customized content for several types of audiences. The company thereby focused on creating advertising content that speaks specifically to the individual customer by addressing their special needs and challenges.

For example, some people may be fond of music whereas some others may be sports enthusiasts. So, the customer ads should effectively touch these tastes to get on to the consumer’s head and think positively about the brand. This is what Coca-Cola leveraged in its business marketing model.

Effective engagement decisions

After many years of careful consideration, advertising and marketing technologies are now able to go hand in hand with big data). With the ability to do more sophisticated analysis, advertising can be customized for each consumer, with a wide range of combinations available.

In fact, big data analysis is not a standalone process by considering the online activities, but these can also monitor the POS transactions, detecting dynamic changes in the consumer market, active and passive interests of the consumers, etc.

Big data will also let the marketers be focused and identify social media trends from time to time and gain actionable insights. These insights can be used to derive effective engagement decisions as to which user groups would like to do social media interactions, who would like to get marketing emails, etc. Is it also easier to keep track of different demographics and decide which social media channels to focus on the most?

Overall, the business can now easily understand market sentiments as a whole and special individual interests through big data, which will enable them to derive winning strategies. Instead of simply relying on past performance and historical data to assume what improvements may be needed, big data will help in making more insightful and informed decisions to meet the consumer needs and expectations.

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