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Caretaker Says TikTok Star Emmanuel Is Sick With Avian Influenza

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Caretaker Says TikTok Star Emmanuel Is Sick With Avian Influenza

(CTN News) – The caretaker of TikTok star Emmanuel the emu, Taylor Blake, tweeted on Saturday that Emmanuel is suffering from Avian Influenza.

Emmanuel contracted the virus after a flock of wild Egyptian geese frequented his South Florida farm, Knuckle Bump Farms.

As the geese pose a real threat to domesticated birds, Blake would help chase them off, but the geese would return at night.

Since Wednesday, Emmanuel has been fighting for his life as the virus has claimed the lives of 99% of the farm’s birds.

Blake tweeted, “I will do anything and get into debt to save his life.” “My vet sedated and stabilized him until I could find an avian specialist. I have been treating him around the clock since Wednesday.”

Because there are numerous mutated versions of the virus, it is “relatively impossible” to vaccinate birds against it, according to Blake.

As a result of the tragedy, the farm has been in contact with the state, which believes that standing water caused the spread of the Avian Influenza.

Blake has been nursing Emmanuel round the clock. While his neurological symptoms have subsided, he still can’t eat or drink on his own and has nerve damage in his right leg and foot.

Caretaker and girlfriend have built Emmanuel a sling for his damaged leg and are starting physical therapy with him.

Blake tweeted on Sunday that Emmanuel was making progress — sitting up by himself, taking backward steps, and placing pressure on his right foot.

“This is the first time he has done this, and at this point every small step feels like a milestone,” she said.

Blake expects Emmanuel to recover and to “continue to spread love, light, and joy throughout the world.””He is a fighter and I am confident that he will be able to complete his recovery,” Blake said.

In order to knock down the iPhone camera, the flightless bird would aim straight at it.

“Emmanuel, please do not do that!” Blake frequently says to the emu when he crosses in front of her and the iPhone camera. When Emmanue is taking a picture, she usually pauses, stares into the lens and completely takes over the picture.


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