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Covid-19 Top Symptoms Now That The Sore Throat Is No Longer The Most Common Sign

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Covid-19 Top Symptoms Now That The Sore Throat Is No Longer The Most Common Sign

(CTN News) – Covid-19 infections in the UK have risen 31 percent in 10 days, according to the latest data, with most of the country now seeing steady increases.

Elderly people are particularly affected by the increase, according to experts.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 1.7 million UK residents tested positive for Coronavirus between September 23 and October 3. 1.3 million people participated in the previous survey, which covered September 18 to 26.

One in 25 people aged 70 and older are likely to have tested positive for Coronavirus in the latest survey, according to ONS data.

As of early July, there were 3.8 million weekly infections in the UK, at the peak of the wave caused by Omicron BA.4/BA.5 subvariants.

According to the Zoe Health Study, key symptoms may have changed. Previous data suggested that sore throats were the most common sign of Covid-19, but other symptoms now seem to be more prevalent.

During the pandemic, people were warned to watch out for fever and loss of taste and smell. However, new variants have changed the telltale signs of infection. You should look out for these symptoms.

Symptoms to watch for

Among people who have received one or more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, runny noses and headaches are the most common symptoms.

Sore throats and coughs were the most common symptoms of Covid in previous weeks, but other symptoms are now more prevalent.

Fully vaccinated people often experience:

  1. Runny nose

  2. Headache

  3. Sneezing

  4. Sore throat

  5. Persistent cough

Unvaccinated people are more likely to get a sore throat as a sign of Covid-19. Among the unvaccinated, headaches are the most common symptom, followed by runny noses.

Fever used to be a common Covid symptom, but now ranks lower on the list, along with anosmia, which is loss of smell. With Covid, fewer people suffer from shortness of breath.

In the Zoe study, people who test positive for Covid after getting vaccinated are more likely to report sneezing as a symptom.

We’ve seen an increase in infections among older people in England and Wales, underlining once again the need for close monitoring as winter approaches.”

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) director of public health programs, Dr Mary Ramsay, says: “We’re seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalization rates, so we keep encouraging people to get vaccinated, whether it’s a first dose or a booster.


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