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Missing Wisdom Teeth – Are These Teeth Necessary in The Oral Cavity?



wisdom teeth

Does the absence of wisdom teeth affect your chances of becoming wise? Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to erupt, usually, after you have attained the age of 18, which is why they are associated with gaining wisdom as we attain adulthood. However, wisdom teeth never erupt in the oral cavity for many people.

The number of people for whom wisdom teeth never erupt even after 25 years of age is not small, and as much as 35% of the world’s population lacks teeth. However, the lack of wisdom teeth does not affect the functionality of the oral cavity as these teeth are vestigial organs, and their absence does not create any hindrance.

Wisdom teeth are often impacted and can cause pain, swelling, and infection. This is why you must get them extracted by your dentist Los Angeles area. New Image Dental Clinic is a safe place where you can get pain-free treatment for your impacted wisdom teeth. The dentists work towards providing a safe, comfortable, and pain-free environment for you to get dental treatment without feeling anxious about your dental visits.

Causes behind missing wisdom teeth

The 2 major causes that can result in the absence of wisdom teeth in your oral cavity are:

1. Impaction:

In this case, though the teeth are present, they are not present in the oral cavity as they remain hidden under the gum tissue as dormant structures for life or until they start to create problems like pain and swelling, for which wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary.

2. Genetics:

Certain chromosomal mutations and even your jaw shape genetically inherited can prevent teeth eruption. If your jaw does not provide sufficient space for a third molar eruption, there will be a lack of teeth in your oral cavity.

Wisdom teeth removal

For many, the eruption of wisdom teeth marks the beginning of crowding and misaligning teeth in the oral cavity. This is because as the third molars erupt, they put pressure on the adjacent teeth for space. Also, partially erupted or impacted teeth create a perfect environment for bacterial growth and the start of dental caries.

Since wisdom teeth have no functional role in the presence of first and second molars, keeping teeth makes no sense when they are fighting for space and increasing your risk of developing caries.

The extraction procedure can be very simple and can be accomplished by your dentist if the teeth have fully erupted in the oral cavity. You will require general anesthesia and bone drilling when the impaction is inside the jaw bone. The recovery process will also be longer and more painful. Additionally, teeth that are more angled also need better precision during extraction.

Removal of partially erupted or impacted teeth also requires much greater precision and higher surgical needs and, thus must be done by experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons only. Consult your dentist to get your teeth evaluated and let them take a call if removing them is going to be beneficial for your oral cavity or not.


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