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Jennifer Davis Here. Here Is A Breast Cancer Vaccine For The First Time



Jennifer Davis Here. Here Is A Breast Cancer Vaccine For The First Time

(CTN News) – Is it possible to eradicate breast cancer from the world with a vaccine?

Cleveland Clinic and Anixa Biosciences researchers hope their vaccine may be the answer. Breast Cancer Jennifer Davis, the first person to receive the vaccine in 2021, is undergoing the first human trial of the vaccine to prevent recurrence.

The impact of a Breast Cancer diagnosis on your life

A lump was discovered on Davis’ breast when she was 41 years old in February 2018. A number of tests revealed that she had TNBC.

Unlike other types of breast cancer, TNBC usually grows rapidly, more likely to spread to other parts of the body once detected, and more likely to recur after treatment. TNBC also has lower survival rates than other types of breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

I’m a nurse…but oncology isn’t my specialty and I didn’t know much about triple negative, but it’s all over the web as the most lethal form and death rates are high, so my first advice to my family when I was diagnosed was not to Google triple negative,” Davis told Healthline.

Cleveland Clinic offered her a second opinion since she lived in Ohio and she received treatment there.

Several rounds of chemotherapy were followed by a double mastectomy and 26 rounds of radiation treatment.

With triple negative, there is nothing you can do following your treatment to ensure that a recurrence will not occur.

A breast cancer vaccine developed at Cleveland Clinic was approved for human clinical trials around the time she completed her treatment.

The invitation to participate was extended to Davis, and she accepted without hesitation.

When I was offered the opportunity to participate in the trial, I was not scared,” said Davis. “I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to complete all of the necessary tasks in time to qualify for the trial and then receive it.”

She received the first dose on October 19, 2021, followed by two additional doses two weeks later.

My only side effect was lumps at the injection site. Over the past year and a half, nothing has happened that is short-term or anything else,” Davis stated.

A few weeks after the vaccination, she had two follow-up appointments with her breast specialist, and she is now following standard screening and monitoring procedures.


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