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More Positive News About Cannabis and CBD is Spreading, Here’s Why



More Positive News About Cannabis and CBD is Spreading, Here’s Why

When it comes to cannabis, it typically does not enjoy a good reputation. As a product that is labeled a drug, it comes with an illegal market and lots of nuisance. What people tend to forget is the fact that cannabis has been a spiritual product for centuries and CBD is a medical byproduct.

In ancient empires, it was used to relax or in ceremonies to connect with the earth and the people’s ancestors. In modern times, it also shows to have a positive effect. For example, it can help to reduce the effects of ADHD and other concentration problems. Problems with sleeping? Cannabis can help you to improve your sleep as well. What is the core problem that we are facing?

Cannabis includes psychoactive elements

Consuming cannabis can be done through eating and smoking the cannabis plants “flowers”. When doing so, you consume all the active elements in cannabis. This includes the components that help combat the effects of THC and improve your sleep, but also includes THC. The latter component is psychoactive, which is not desirable for a lot of use cases of cannabis (i.e. the medicinal ones). This resulted in more research being conducted to see if there are ways to consume cannabis without the psychoactive component attached to it.

The result? CBD

After lots of research and experimentation, a new product was brought to the market: CBD. This product, also known as cannabis oil, is created not from the flowers but the complete cannabis plant. The advantage is the strong medical effects, with the lack of any psychoactive component. This means that you can use it on a day-to-day basis, without compromising on your daily life. CBD comes in handy for a lot of people who were consuming cannabis to help them combat their illness, without making a compromise.

Producing the product

There are two possible ways to produce the CBD:

  1. Through chemical extraction
  2. Using CO2 extraction

The first option is the easiest one, as it adds chemicals to the plant. This results in an extracted product that later on filters out the chemicals. There will be always small doses of chemicals present (harmless when looking at the amount). The second option is more sophisticated, as it uses CO2 to extract the oil. This results in a pure oil that can be consumed. Logically, this is also the more expensive option.

Consumption of cannabis oil

Cannabis oil can be consumed in many different ways. The upside is the fact that it has a non-intrusive taste. This allows you to consume it by adding it to salads and other dishes. However, if you consume it for medicinal use, you might prefer to use capsules. The capsules always have the same content, making it better for your body to digest them. This means that the body knows when to expect a specific dose, as you can consume it at regular intervals.


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