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Flu Vaccines Are Available Again At Basingstoke Health Centers

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Flu Vaccines Are Available Again At Basingstoke Health Centers

(CTN News) – Following the run out of flu vaccines at a Basingstoke health center, flu vaccines are being offered again at the centre for eligible people.

As of today, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board have confirmed that the Health Hub in Festival Place now has the flu vaccine back in stock after running out for a couple of days last week between deliveries.

A sign was displayed outside the hub advising people who attended the hub to get their Covid-19 jab that they would not be able to receive their flu vaccines at the same time as the Covid-19 jab.

As of now, it has the flu vaccines back in stock, which means that those who have a Covid vaccine appointment will be able to receive the flu jab at the same time if they are eligible for it.

According to the care board, booking an appointment for a flu vaccine only at the Health Hub is impossible.

180126 influenza syringe ac 601p

A syringe contnaining H1N1 vaccine.

Most flu vaccines are expected to be provided by GP surgeries, inviting people in order of priority.

Currently, however, the hub in Festival Place is also offering the vaccine when it becomes available.

In addition, there are several pharmacies in the town where people can book appointments.

If you are looking for a pharmacy that offers the flu vaccines, please visit

Why flu could come back strong this year

Many people, especially young kids, may not have immunity to the flu this year because masking, social distancing, and other behaviours aimed at protecting against COVID have also blunted the spread of flu.

That’s why experts are worried about it this year. The CDC also notes that young kids should get a flu shot soon because they require two shots one month apart.

The protection provided by flu vaccination wanes faster for the elderly than for other adults, so many experts recommend against getting vaccinated too early.

As for the elderly, I wouldn’t recommend vaccination until September since immunity can wane. I usually get vaccinated in October,” says Dr. Walter Orenstein, a vaccine specialist at Emory University.

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