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Monkeypox; After Being Diagnosed With Monkeypox, 2 People Died



After Being Diagnosed With Monkeypox, 2 People Died

(CTN News) – According to the city’s Department of Health, two Chicago residents died from monkeypox. Over six weeks ago, the two were diagnosed with monkeypox and hospitalized.

Both had several other health problems, including weakened immune systems, according to city officials. According to them, the two deaths were unrelated.

It is a stark reminder that MPV is hazardous and can cause serious illness, and in very rare cases, even death,” said Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady on Friday. “Our hearts are reaching out to the families and friends of these individuals.”

To protect their privacy, officials said they would not disclose any other information about the two cases.

In the United States, monkeypox has caused over 27,000 cases and six deaths so far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All 50 states have reported monkeypox cases.

In May, Massachusetts reported its first monkeypox case.

The CDC states that symptoms typically appear three weeks after exposure to the virus and last for two to four weeks.

A monkeypox rash may develop on or near the genitals or anus, as well as on hands, feet, chests, faces, or mouths. In addition to fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion, backache, headache, and respiratory symptoms, the CDC reports.

A person infected may experience all or only a few symptoms. One to four days after developing flu-like symptoms, people usually develop a rash.

Monkeypox deaths remain rare, according to officials. The WHO reports 32 deaths among more than 75,000 cases reported in 2022.

A vast majority of people who died from also had other health conditions that weakened their immune systems,” Arwady said.

If you are at risk of MPV infection, take precautions and get vaccinated to protect yourself and your loved ones. These measures are particularly relevant if you have comorbidities or a weakened immune system.”

Those who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to get two doses of the vaccine, 28 days apart.


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