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How to share Diwali 2022 stickers on Instagram?



How to share Diwali 2022 stickers on Instagram?

How to share Diwali 2022 stickers on Instagram?

Diwali 2022 the festival of lights, has arrived. The day commemorates the triumph of light over darkness and the homecoming of Lord Ram. Stickers have become a popular way to express messages to loved ones.

Almost every social media platform, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, now allows users to exchange stickers with their pals.

If you’re an Instagram user looking to share Diwali 2022 stickers with your friends and family, keep reading. This year, Instagram has added a slew of new stickers to its sticker area.

Sending stickers via Instagram is simple and just takes a few steps.

Here’s how to send Instagram stickers.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone

Step 2: Next, head to the Direct Message section by clicking on the DM icon present at the top right corner

Step 3: Here, choose the individual chat with whom you wish to share Diwali 20222 stickers with

Step 4: Now, tap on the sticker icon present at the bottom of the chat

Step 5: Here, you can search for when is Diwali in 2022 stickers

Step 6: Now, simply choose the sticker you wish to send and click on the send button

In a similar development, the Meta-owned photo-sharing app has launched additional tools to protect users from harassment, as well as Hidden words upgrades.

If a user bans someone, she or he will now have the ability to block multiple accounts, making it impossible for stalkers to reconnect with the users, according to the company’s blog post.

Hidden Word is a useful tool for automatically deleting

Hidden Word is a useful tool for automatically deleting potentially harmful content from message requests and comments. Instagram is experimenting with automatically activating Hidden Words for Creator accounts.

Every user would be able to toggle the Settings on and off at any moment, as well as create a specific list of words, phrases, and emojis to hide.

A new notification would encourage users to pause and consider how they want to respond before responding to an unpleasant comment.

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