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Cancer Vaccine Can Be Developed By 2030, Say Founders Of COVID Vaccine-Makers

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Cancer Vaccine Can Be Developed By 2030, Say Founders Of COVID Vaccine-Makers

(CTN News) – Founded by husband and wife team Zlem Türeci and Urahin Ahin, BioNTech German vaccine firm created a COVID-19 ‘Pfizer’ vaccine jab, and is working on making a cancer vaccine.

It is intended to destroy all cancer cells completely with the said vaccine. Even though they are currently working on melanoma, bowel cancer, and other types of cancer vaccine, the goal is to develop a total treatment system.

could cancer vaccines become a reality heres what experts say

During COVID, the firm put its cancer cure plan on hold.

Tureci and Sahin created the mRNA (short for messenger RNA) Covid vaccine together during COVID-19. Pfizer-BioNTech has shipped over 3.7 billion Covid-19 vaccines to over 180 countries as of September 4, 2022.

The firm was already developing a cancer vaccine before the Covid outbreak. As a result of the pandemic, they put this on hold and focused on creating a Covid vaccine.

By creating the Covid vaccine, the couple learned how vaccines work using messenger RNA, and this knowledge, says the couple, is the key to finding a cure for cancer.

Cancer vaccine clinical trials in progress

Cosmopolitan reports that the company provides patients with personalized cancer vaccines. As a result, the patient’s immune system attacks the disease.

BioNTech’s chief medical officer, Prof Türeci, said on ‘Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg’:

“What we have developed over decades for cancer vaccine development has been a tailwind for developing the Covid-19 vaccine, and now the Covid-19 vaccine gives back to our cancer work.”

We have learned how to manufacture vaccines better and faster. According to Tureci, we have learned how the immune system reacts to mRNA in a large number of people.

Tureci said that using the mRNA technology from Covid in the cancer vaccine could be a breakthrough in finding a cure for cancer.

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