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6 Home Remedies for Head Lice



6 Home Remedies for Head Lice

Have you ever had head lice? These tiny insects invade your head and feed off your blood, which causes your head to be itchy every time. What’s more, they reproduce quickly and can go from your head to another person’s head in a second. If you have head lice and want to try home remedies to kill them successfully, then you may use these six ingredients you may have at home right now.

1. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has a thick consistency that smothers head lice and kills them immediately. However, one of these downsides is that mayonnaise is difficult to rinse. Aside from that, mayonnaise has a smell that some people don’t like. But, if you want an effective head lice treatment at home, you should try this ingredient.

2. Tea Tree Oil

You might have tea tree oil around your home, which is good since it will help eliminate head lice. Add a few drops of the oil onto your scalp, place a shower cap, and wait a few minutes. The oil will heat your scalp and kill the head lice.

Yet, tea tree oil may damage your skin, especially sensitive skin. It would be best to test tea tree oil before applying it to your scalp to avoid problems that may lead to injuries. Once you do not react to the oil, you may freely apply it to your scalp.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is more scalp-friendly and will effectively kill head lice in a few hours. This oil is affordable and available in grocery stores, beauty stores, and online.

4. Anise Oil

If you have anise oil at home, you may lather the oil on your scalp and hair, covering everything with it. In that way, head lice on your scalp will die of suffocation because anise oil also has a strong scent. To achieve effectiveness, leave the oil for a few hours, and wet comb your hair when you rinse.

5. Olive Oil

Using olive oil has the same effect as anise oil. The oil will suffocate the head lice and kill them at once. You may also wet comb your hair when you rinse the oil out. Olive oil is more common than anise oil, and you can find olive oil in your kitchen. If you have both oils, using them together will give you more successful results.

6. Petroleum Jelly

Suffocating head lice using petroleum jelly is also a good way to eliminate head lice. This product is found in every home, which makes it a perfect product to kill head lice. Unfortunately, petroleum jelly is messy and difficult to rinse out. When using this product, it would be best to be careful always.

Easily Remove Head Lice Today!

These tips will surely remove head lice in no time, and they are kid-friendly too! If you’re suffering from itch due to head lice, then trying one of these will help you immediately. So, don’t hesitate to try these remedies today!


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