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Clenbuterol Canada: Cycle, Results, And Side Effects

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Clenbuterol Canada

Clenbuterol Canada is one of the most famous drugs for fast fat loss. It has pleasant benefits, like its non-steroidal chemical profile, so you won`t need pct, perfect abilities to help you with your weight with fewer consequences. But we`ll talk about it later in the article.

What Is Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol or just Clen is a non-steroidal drug, which belongs to the group of adrenergic agonists. Its main component is clenbuterol hydrochloride. It was initially created to make asthma strokes easier to live through. As it was created to fight the consequences of bronchial asthma clenbuterol Canada has a significant impact on muscle tissue. If you use it for its intended purpose it will mostly affect your throat, making it softer, so it will be easier for you to breathe.

But if you use it like a bodybuilder it will help you to fight with your weight and, probably, you will get a nice, lean look. Moreover, our words aren’t just dirty rumours, even some Olympic athletes used Clen. One of them is Alberto Contador, a professional biker and the champion of the Tour de France. He said that he got it from the meat he ate (yeah, there were rumours like that since initially Clen was used to cure animal asthma), but no one knows for sure!

Mechanism Of Action

Now let’s see how this living miracle works. Once in the human body, namely in adipose and muscle tissues, clenbuterol Canada works as a beta-2 agonist and binds to type 2 beta receptors. Their vicious connection leads to a whole explosion of chemical reactions, which are difficult and absolutely unnecessary to describe. The main thing is that this leads to an increase in cyclic adenosine monophosphate in your organism, and this, in turn, affects the mobilization of fatty acids from adipocytes, through the release of enzymes. Of course, all this is not for nothing. Due to these reactions, norepinephrine and adrenaline also increase when clenbuterol acts on the beta-2-adrenergic receptors of the presynaptic membrane, and this has a positive effect on fat burning, since your natural metabolism increases.

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What is even more interesting is that Clen is safe for women to take. Have you seen anything about its effect on hormones or something about causing virilization? No? Me too. That’s why women athletes can take Clen the same as men do it. Even the dose is not that different, because basically, the client’s dose can be anything from 10mcg to 150mcg. But about this in the next paragraph.

Clenbuterol Dosage And Cycles

There is hell a lot of options for taking Clenbuterol. Its use depends on dozens of factors, like your experience of using drugs of such kind, your physical form, health condition, for what purpose you want to take it, you want to use Clen alone or add to your stack or maybe even in your pct? Despite these options, there are general rules like men should never surpass a 140 mcg per day limit, and women 100 mcg per day limit. It is better to use it with constant dose increase making it a two-week rotation principle or continuous use principle. But don’t get too involved, since Clen is highly tolerated, so after some time it can just stop working because you will simply get used to it.

Benefits And Results

You now know how to use it to get more of its benefits. But what’s at stake exactly? The drug is certainly not a “magic pill” capable of solving problems with excess weight without any effort. For weight loss, Clenbuterol Canada must be combined with a proper diet. It is not so important with which one, the main thing is that it is effective. In addition, exhausting physical activity will allow the drug to open up to the maximum in its action and make it possible to show maximum results. According to reviews of people taking clenbuterol, it is possible to lose up to 10 extra pounds after taking one course of the drug. So from a bodybuilder’s perspective, Clen is perfect for cutting, it fastens your metabolism making you lose weight, decreasing your appetite, making you look thinner.

Health Risks And Side Effects

Everything comes with a price. Clenbuterol Canada has a number of side effects that can occur even when the dosage is observed and worsened with an overdose of the drug. Most often, they are noticeable in the first week of the course, while the body adapts to the action of the drug. In the future, the drug in most cases does not have any harm to the health of the athlete. The most popular side effects are nausea, trouble sleeping, and a slight increase in blood pressure. What is good is that clenbuterol does not have a harmful effect on the liver, although prolonged use can have an effect on the heart, especially if taken simultaneously with alcohol.


Clenbuterol is something that can pretend to be an actual living miracle if not for its dark history, side effects and need to work out and be on a diet. If only scientists can push this formula a little further… However, we have what we have and even now it is not a bad way to lose weight relatively safely.

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