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Discover the best Places to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Relax in Santa Maria, Cape Verde, Sal Island



Discover the best Places to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Relax in Santa Maria, Cape Verde, Sal Island

Are you planning on visiting Santa Maria on Sal Island? It is a sun-drenched haven full of adventure and original encounters. The Island combines natural beauty with vibrant local culture in an enticing way. With an average temperature of 28 °C, the weather is consistently sunny and mild.

Besides, the region’s continual breeze adds a pleasant touch to the air, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Take a look at these must-see places for dining, shopping, and relaxing.

Popular Restaurants

Chez Pastis

If you’re looking for the best Santa Maria Restaurants, this is the place to go. While little costly, its atmospheric charm and high-quality cuisine make it a worthwhile expenditure.

Ocean Café

The famous pub is located in Santa Maria’s main square and serves a wide variety of European wines, beers, and spirits. You can enjoy live music, a lively atmosphere, and cheap prices at this Italian restaurant operated by Italians.

Mercado Municipal

Are you looking for Seafood restaurants Santa Maria? Head to this market hall for a one-of-a-kind lunch experience, where the local cooking college serves a fixed-menu 3-course lunch. It’s a terrific way to support local businesses while also enjoying fresh fruit.

Ocean Café

The popular bar offers a wide selection of European wines, beers, and spirits. It boasts a lively atmosphere, reasonable prices, and live music, all run by Italians.

Reggae Roof Terrace

It is a rooftop bar that exudes a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for reggae fans. Enjoy the view and unwind with a drink, all while immersing yourself in the local music scene.

Retail Therapy and Local Charm

When it comes to shopping, it is critical to support local communities. Cazu Supermarket, located in the northern portion of Santa Maria, provides a wide range of necessities at reasonable costs. Explore the many little stores run by locals around every corner for a genuinely unique shopping experience.

Walking through Rua 1 de Junho, you’ll come across a mix of huge names and souvenir businesses. Check out the local market beside Cam’s Cafe for a more authentic experience. Engage in the art of bargaining to find one-of-a-kind treasures produced by skilled artisans.

Creating Culinary Magic

Santa Maria offers plenty of opportunity to experiment with local foods for people who prefer making their own meals. Small shops and marketplaces sell eggs, bread, cheese, canned goods, and even fresh fish and seafood. Visit the pier early in the morning to get fresh caught seafood and to support the local fishing community. Don’t miss lessons with the kitesurfing world champion to add more fun.

Final Words

Each nook of this intriguing refuge has a new experience waiting to be discovered. Santa Maria offers a great blend of relaxation and adventure, whether you’re indulging in scrumptious foods, discovering hidden jewels in local boutiques, or simply soaking in the sun on pristine beaches. Before embarking on your Santa Maria journey, keep in mind that tap water should be avoided to avoid gastrointestinal problems. For a clean and healthy stay, stick to filtered water and consider bringing a Sawyer Mini water filter, biodegradable wet wipes, and hand sanitizer.

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