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The Lost Festival Of Destiny 2 Solves a Major Problem



The Lost Festival Of Destiny 2 Solves a Major Problem

(CTN News) – In light of the fact that Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost launched with so many bugs, it’s time to take a look at where we stand so far in terms of fixes.

Bungie fixed a bug on the first day that prevented the main query from progressing.

After Destiny 2 Bungie announced a fix last night, all event weapons now include Origin Traits and updated perk pools, whereas previously old versions without them would fall.

Because Horror Story has never been updated, it has been removed from rotation.

The hardest possible triumph, killing all the Headless Ones on each of the four maps, Destiny 2 has been changed. At present, it is extremely easy for random players to burn the boss before the last few spawn or are killed.

In addition, you must personally deal with each of the 15 enemies, not just the 15 as a whole. In an effort to make this a little less irritating, the number appears to have been reduced on Tuesday:

However, these are not the only problems plaguing the event.

My understanding is that Bungie investigates the 60-90 second wait time during any run in which the boss will not spawn until the time has expired, regardless of how quickly you kill the first 10 Headless Ones.

Similarly, Destiny 2 this occurred last year and it is unclear why it remained unresolved for an entire year.

As soon as all these other issues are resolved, I would like to point out that editing pages is very tiresome since you have to complete 3-4 playlist activities per Haunted Sector run to transform your pages, when the Destiny 2 event should primarily focus on farming the limited time activity itself.

However, instead of boosting pages from all sources, they appear to maintain the same distribution as last year when they were also understated.

At launch, I am quite disappointed with the state of the event. I wish a lot of this had been resolved before it was released.

As two big fixes will be ready within the first few days, and another next week, I expect them to work through the fixes relatively quickly.

However, this feels like a playtesting activity again, showing up with lots of newly launched content.

It is difficult to fully test everything in a live game that moves so quickly, but both seasons and events have had several noticeable launch issues lately.


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