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Authorities in Thailand Warn Over Netflix Squid Game Violence

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Authorities in Thailand have cautioned Netflix users that the popular South Korean survival drama Squid Game, could harm viewers. Police said that the Netflix Squid Game contains violent scenes that could harm impressionable viewers.

A deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police said the Squid Game Netflix series contains many scenes unsuitable for viewing. Above all for younger Netflix viewers.

She said that characters on the Suid Game exhibit very violent behaviour, noting the drama was also given an 18+ rating.

Viewers, including youngsters, have been glued to YouTube TV and Netflix spending a great deal of time indoors during the lockdown. Authorities believe the Netflix series contains extreme scenes of violence, including murder and mutilation.

Police officials worry this may lead Squid Game viewers to engage in crimes in real life. The Police spokesperson said the Netflix show is about people’s raw instincts to survive.

Netflix and online streaming services unfiltered

The Royal Thai Police have advised parents to monitor their children’s online and TV activities. Stating that above all youngsters should not watch movies on the internet alone. Officials believe youngsters can be prone to copying the behaviour of TV and online characters.

Thailand’s national police chief Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk has instructed all police stations nationwide to warn the public, especially parents about the possible dangers of viewing unfiltered online content. TV shows in Thailand are subjected to state controls however Netflix and online streaming services are out of the government’s reach to filter violent content.

The popular South Korean survival drama Squid Game was released worldwide on Sept 17 on the Netflix streaming platform. It features the story of people who are somewhat failing at life, receiving a mysterious invitation to play a survival game for a cash prize of US$38 million for the winner.

In the Squid Game, characters play children’s games that have deadly consequences for those who fail to win. The story is based on a popular South Korean children’s game from the 1980s.


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