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The Last of Us Episode 2 Changes The Story Significantly

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The Last of Us Episode 2 Changes The Story Significantly

(CTN News) – In The Last of Us episode 2, Ellie, Tess, and Joel took the first steps of their journey across the country. There is no doubt that fans of the classic video game will enjoy how closely the series follows the original.

Origin of Cordyceps in The Last of Us

Due to the game’s focus on Joel and Ellie’s perspectives, references to the pandemic’s origins are limited to notes and old newspapers scattered around.

As a contrast, episode The Last of Us reveals how the Cordyceps fungus brought the world to ruin in 2003. A flour and grain factory worker in Jakarta, Indonesia, was shot and killed after being bitten by an unknown individual.

It was too late to stop the problem from growing, so several of these people were executed. Mycology expert Ibu Ratna (Christine Hakim) offers some terrifying advice to the security forces after identifying the dead woman’s body had been colonized by the fungus.

Ratna requests to be taken home so she can spend the remainder of her time with her family. It is the scariest moment in the show for Craig Mazin, according to CNET.

He said, “That’s terrifying to me.” Having a real peripheral will enhance the sense of reality in the center.

Yeah, cheery stuff. We rely heavily on rice, wheat, and maize as food sources, according to CNET’s Jackson Ryan, who explored the The Last of Us Episode 2 science behind the show’s fungal pandemic. A fungal pathogen could be devastating if any of these were infected.

Mazin told that Cordyceps spreads via spores in the game. However, the team changed that for the show to avoid having the characters wear gas masks all the time. A scientist named “Ibu” does not have a first name. This honorific is apparently Indonesian.

It is a dark fate for The Last of Us

Smugglers Tess and Joel (Anna Torv and Pedro Pascal) have been tasked with delivering mysterious teen Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to the rebel group known as the Fireflies since she’s immune to the fungal brain infection. By replicating Ellie’s resistance, they hope to restore the world.

Throughout the episode’s 2023 The Last of Us story, Tess conceals the fact that she had been bitten by an infected in the Bostonian Museum. The fireflies they were intended to bring Ellie to are dead when they arrive at the Capitol.

Tess reveals her wound, accepts that she is doomed, and demands Joel bring Ellie to their friends Bill and Frank for them to assist her.

You got her there. You kept her alive. You fixed everything,” she said. “Everything we did was fixed by you.” I hope you will say yes, Joel.”

Tess stays behind to delay the adversaries of the authoritarian remnants of the US military as they arrive at the building in the video game. She is quickly shot to death, but her sacrifice allows Joel and Ellie to escape.

Tess remains behind to cover Joel and Ellie’s escape from the Capitol Building as a horde of infected descends on it. She lobs gas and grenades everywhere.

Joel, save who you can,” she says, prompting him to pull a struggling Ellie to safety.


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