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‘Terrifier 2’ End Credit Track by Slavvy!



'Terrifier 2' End Credit Track by Slavvy!

(CTN News) – A piece of the magic of Cinedigm, Bloody Disgusting, and SCREAMBOX’s Terrifier 2 has been attributed to the film’s music, which is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Rostislav Vaynshtok aka Slavvy has shared his musical contribution to the film, including a pair of songs, the end credits track “Dark Dreams”, and “Infinite Loop”, a piece intended to be a companion piece to “Dark Dreams”.

Slavvy delves into the darkest depths of your nightmares in his track, which is played a moment after the mayhem is over,

Drawing inspiration from film scores like It Follows, Halloween (1978), The Thing, Suspiria, Assault on Precinct 13, and anything synthy and dark.

On October 6th, Terrifier 2 will make a big impact on the box office across North America when it opens in 800+ theaters across the continent,

Including Regal and AMC’s Thrills and Chills events in which it has already received rave reviews at Arrow Frightfest and Austin’s Fantastic Fest here stateside.

Fans of Slavvy’s contribution to Terrifier 2 will be pleased to know that he’s also released a dark synthwave EP entitled THIS MACHINE KILLS PUTIN, and that the proceeds from sales and streaming of the EP will all be donated to fight the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As part of NIGHTWAV’s Ukraine fundraiser, he played a live stream set of tracks as part of his livestream set.

Is Terrifier 2 streaming?

Terrifier 2 online free can be watched by streaming through Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Fandango Now, and Google Play. For Hulu subscribers, you may watch the first three seasons on television or through their service ( with a $7.99/month subscription fee.


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