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Rebecca Ferguson’s ‘Idiot’ Co-Star Screamed, ‘You Can F* Off!’. ‘Never Again’

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Rebecca Ferguson's 'Idiot' Co-Star Screamed, 'You Can F* Off!'. 'Never Again'

(CTN News) – The star of “Dune: Part Two” Rebecca Ferguson revealed on “Reign With Josh Smith” podcast that she once received an unprofessional amount of screaming from a co-star, which led her to request that she only act against the back of the actor’s head. According to Rebecca Ferguson, the actor was not identified.

As she explained, she worked on a film with a co-star who was extremely insecure and angry due to the fact that the scenes could not be filmed. It was so uncomfortable and vulnerable that I was screamed at and I cried as I walked away from the set.”

As I walked into the crew room, this individual literally asked, “You call yourself an actor?” What kind of material are you asking me to work with? My heart burst.”

Rebecca Ferguson said as he stood there.

“I had no safety net because this person was first on the call sheet.My back was not protected by anyone.”

It was the first time Rebecca Ferguson spoke up as an actor on a set. A couple of days later, she arrived on set and told the actor, “You get off my set.”. It’s your fault. It’s going to be a tennis ball for me. It’s never going to happen again.”

Suddenly, the producers came up to me and told me not to do that to number one. The memory of Rebecca Ferguson was vivid. It is necessary for this person to be on set.” So I asked her to turn around so I could act at the back of her head. I was filled with fear as I spoke. “I can feel it now.” I responded.

As a result, Ferguson told her director, ” You’re right.”. When it comes to my work, I do not place a lot of emphasis on other people. There is something wrong with this person, he or she is so unstable so I am fluffing him or her.”

Despite the long wait, she concluded “it was great from the moment I got there.”.

The actor was not named Rebecca Ferguson. The actor gained some support from Dwayne Johnson, with whom she co-starred on “Hercules” in 2014.

The fact that Rebecca is fighting bullshit is very upsetting to me, but the fact that she stands up to bullshit is also very upsetting to me. I love Rebecca more than anything else in this world, and if you could tell me who did this, that would be great.”

In the video below, Ferguson speaks with Josh Smith on the “Reign with Josh Smith” podcast.


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