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Logan Paul Spent $3.5 Million on Fake Pokemon Cards

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Logan Paul

Logan Paul spent $3.5 million in December on what he believed to be a rare find of first-edition Pokemon booster boxes. This was the most anyone had spent on them. As a result of being skeptical of the purchase, PokeBeach did not initially report on the news. Paul did some further research after PokeBeach’s comments about the sale of the case.

Logan Paul confirmed that he did not purchase first-edition Pokemon cards in a video on his YouTube channel. In fact, the packaging contained G.I. Trading Cards. This case was originally purchased for $2.7 million by a collector named Matt Allen. However, Matt was allegedly not the original buyer. It was initially verified by the Baseball Card Exchange.

Based on the packaging and the label, the BBCE accepted the case. The BBCE, Paul, and Matt opened the package on video after something fell off. Inside were G.I. Joe cards.

The case against legitimacy

in the sale of the case went into further detail. According to the BBCE, they didn’t have much experience with Pokemon cards. Based on an email correspondence found on PokeBeach, Baseball Card Exchange owner and authenticator Steve Hart discussed Pokemon cards in June 2020.

At various points, the case was also flipped, initially valued at $72,500. There were some issues with how the price changed along with the movement of the case. PokeBeach provided Paul with the product code and barcodes of the packaging, as opposed to the initial video. Every base set has a unique serial number. According to PokeBeach, the packaging tape is different from trading card cases. Paul decided to investigate this for himself.

What now for Logan Paul?

Paul is a huge Pokemon fan. When he boxed Floyd Mayweather in 2021, he wore a Charizard card as a necklace. In the meantime, he is out 3.5 million dollars and will seek to right a wrong that has been done to him.

At the moment, Paul is focused on promoting his sports energy drink company. In addition to his video content, Paul can make the money back. The money won’t mean the same to him, however.

Paul says in the video, “I’m a super positive person and I’m always looking at the bright side.”. Trying to be positive is difficult.

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